County Township GIS Agreement Conflict Resolution



This Policy sets forth the procedure which will be followed in the event that it appears that a Township/City which participated in a portion of the initial funding of the Tuscola County “GIS” program disseminates or provides information or data from the County “GIS” system outside the parameters set forth in previous agreements.

  1. The County’s GIS Coordinator shall contact the Supervisor/Clerk of the Township or the Manager/Clerk of the City as to the particulars of the dissemination of information that appears to fall outside the Agreement.  This contact may be in writing, e-mail, verbal, or otherwise.

  2. The Coordinator shall investigate the matter, with the full cooperation of the Township/City required and following investigation shall proceed as follows:

    1. If the matter is informally resolved, a written/electronic statement of the information resolution will be provided to the Township/City.

    2. If corrective action is appropriate, the statement of necessary corrective action will be provided to the Township/City, which will proceed to implement the corrective action.

    3. If the Township/City considers that the required corrective action is inappropriate, the Township/City may ask that a meeting be held with the Board’s County Affairs Committee (or in the Chairman’s discretion, the Data Committee) to resolve any issues.  If not resolved at the Committee level, the Board may make the decision as to appropriate corrective action.

  3. Corrective action may include, but not be limited to, changes in Township/City procedures in responding to information requests, additional supervision of information requests or withdrawal of access to information by particular departments/individuals in the Township/City. Corrective action may include termination of Township/City access to the GIS system but such action will be taken only in extreme cases.

  4. In any investigation or inquiry by the Board or the Coordinator, the Township/City shall provide complete and accurate information in response to a request for information, and be a condition of continued access to the GIS system.

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County Township GIS Agreement Conflict Resolution