Turnkey has developed a (MP) Maintenance Program to help simplify the needs of the property manager and their owners.

This would not have been possible without property managers requiring assistance on a 24/7 basis. This has allowed Turnkey to meet the high demands of both short term renters and homeowners requests
  • Keeps you from "nickel and diming" your customers.
  • Allows your customers to budget for basic maintenance needs that come up daily when renting on a short term basis.
  • Allows Property Managers to focus on renting properties and developing relationships with their homeowners.
  • Turnkey will still send invoices, they just show a discount of zero dollars so you can see value that the program offers.
  • Everything gets a little easier for everyone involved. Owners, Property Managers, & Turnkey.

Turnkey continues to have great success with its Maintenance Program (MP) and look forward to adding additional services. If you want to take advantage of the Turnkey MP program please contact us at any time.