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THS Booster Club By-Laws




Article I            The name of this organization shall be the Turner High School Athletic Booster Club


Article II            Purpose of Organization


A.           To support and encourage the athletic program of Turner High School.


B.           To promote good sportsmanship, encourage school spirit, and foster good citizenship.


C.          To promote special events and/or projects in an effort to raise funds.


D.          To help maintain and improve the athletic program at Turner High School


Article III           Membership

 A.         Membership shall be open to anyone who is interested in the purpose for which this organization has been formed and upon payment of annual dues.


B.           Annual dues will be determined at the meeting in May.


C.          Outright gifts will be readily accepted.



Article IV          Officers/Committees The officers of the club shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Length of term of officer shall be one year.


E.           The President


1.            Shall preside at all meetings of the Turner High School Athletic Booster Club.


2.            Shall personally represent the club or appoint a delegate where representation is deemed advisable.


3.            Shall appoint committees and committee chairmen.


4.            Shall assure compliance with the rules, regulations, and policies of the Board of Education¸ WIAA, and the Turner High School Athletic Department.


F.           The Vice-President 


1.            Shall have such powers and perform such duties as may be delegated to by the President.


2.            In the absence or disability of the President, shall perform the duties and exercise the powers of the President.


3.            Shall be responsible for arranging special programs, when desired, to be presented at Turner High School Athletic Booster Club meetings.



G.          The Coordinating Vice-President


1.            Shall be the Athletic Director for the School District of Beloit Turner and will serve in a non-voting advisory capacity as the principal liaison between the school system and the Athletic Booster Club.


H.           The Secretary


1.            Shall keep the minutes for all meetings.


2.            Shall keep such other records as directed by the President.


3.            Shall sign with the President, or with the Vice-President, all contracts in the name of the Turner High School Athletic Booster Club.



I.               The Treasurer


1.            Shall keep the financial records of the club, collect dues, pay bills, depositing and have custody of all funds and property of the club.


2.      Assures compliance with state and federal tax laws.



J.            Committees


1.            Committee Chairpersons will be appointed by the President of the Booster Club.


2.            Committee members will be selected from the general membership of the Booster Club.


3.            Committee suggestions include, but are not limited to, apparel, concessions, fundraising, membership, nominating, pancake, scholarship, and social programs.


4.      Active committee chairpersons will be required to submit a written end-of-the-year report at the May meeting.


Article V           Nominations


K.          The Coordinating Vice-President and at least two members of the Booster Club to serve as a Nominating Committee.  This should be done at the March meeting.


L.            The Nominating Committee shall meet during the month of April and nominate at least one candidate each for President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.


M.          The Booster Club members shall, at their meeting in May, elect new officers from the slate presented by the Nominating Committee.  Officers shall take office at the close of the May meeting.


N.           In case of a vacancy of one of the offices, the members of the Booster Club shall appoint, by simple majority vote of those present, a person to fill the unexpired term.  When an officer’s term of office expires, h/she may be re-nominated to run for another term, one year each.


Article VI          Meetings


O.          Meetings shall be held monthly except for June and July.  The day and the week should be consistent if possible.  The August meeting will be for committee organizational purposes and planning for the year.


P.           All meetings should include a review of the minutes from the previous meeting, presentation of a current financial report, reports from active committees, old and new business.

Q.          Meetings shall be presided over by the President.  The Vice-President or Treasurer may preside in the absence of the President.


R.           A special meeting may be called by the President.


Article VII         Finances


S.           The funds of this association shall be used to further the purpose expressed in Article II of this Constitution.


T.            The funds are to be deposited in a bank approved by the officers and may be withdrawn on the signature of the Treasurer and President or Vice-President.


U.           The President is authorized to spend up to and not to exceed $100 for Booster Club expenses without prior membership approval.


V.           This association is organized as a non-profit organization.  In the event of the dissolution of this association, any funds or property remaining shall be turned over to the Turner High School Athletic Department.


W.           An annual audit by members of the Booster Club, other than the officers, shall be required.  The Treasurer shall be required to submit a detailed annual report at the end of each year.  The incoming President shall select an auditor or auditors.  A formal letter by the auditor or auditors shall be standard procedure expressing the findings and filed in the records of the club. 




Article IX          Amendments


                        These articles of the constitution may be amended at a meeting of the membership by a majority affirmative vote of the members present and voting, provided due notice of the proposed amendment(s) has been given in writing to all members at the previous month’s meeting.


Article X           Parliamentary Authority Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the authority on all questions of procedure not specifically stated in the constitution.