Presentations and Sessions - May 5, 2011

Dan Liberman, Novartis (retired) - TUR in Pharmaceutical Research

Session A: Chemical Process Safety: protecting life and property
Tim Rodrique, MA Dept Fire Service - Hazardous Material Process Regulations
Manuel Gomez, US Chemical Safety Board - Inherently Safe Technology

Session B: Energy efficiency and renewables: Success stories in energy reduction
Paul Lukitsch, Millipore -Millipore's Energy Efficiency and Renewables
Linda Charpentier, Boston Sand & Gravel - BS&G's Green Energy Plan

Session C: TUR in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Pam Eliason, TURI - Overview and Wrapup
Dan Liberman, Novartis (retired) - Flow Chemistry
Dan Liberman, Novartis (retired) - Greening of Medicinal Chemistry
Seongkyu Yoon, UML Center for Biomanufacturing - Ozone for Cleaning and Sterilization

Session D:  RC for Source Reduction: Aiming for Zero Waste
Mark Myles, TURI - Overview and wrapup
John Fischer, DEP - SWMP: Commercial Waste Reduction Strategies
Janet Bowen, EPA - WasteWise program
Mark Lennon, Institutional Recycling Network - Reuse and recycling opportunities for businesses
(coming soon)

Session E:  Advances in Metal Finishing: Hexavalent chromium and alternatives
Liz Harriman, TURI - Overview and Hexavalent Chromium EH&S
Marko Duffy, Macdermid - Hex Chrome Uses
Marko Duffy, Macdermid - Hex Chrome Replacements
Jarrod Courtemanche, Coating Systems Group - Converting from Hex Chrome to Non-hex-chrome

Post script:
  Thank-you to Charlie Flanagan of Independent Plating for alerting us to DOD's final rule on hex chrome minimization in procurement - published on the day of the CE conference!
Minimizing the Use of Materials Containing Hexavalent Chromium (DFARS Case 2009-D004)
Scroll down to the last item under "Final Rules" at

Direct link to the Federal Register notice:

Session F:  EMS Opportunities and Challenges
Steve Mahoney, Goodrich - Audit Tool for TURA EMS
Steve Mahoney, Goodrich - Management Review Summary Example (spreadsheet)
Sherri Gaudette, Skyworks - TURA EMS