Presentations and Sessions - April 14, 2011


Dr. Ted Shettler, Science and Environmental Health Network - Toxic chemicals: an ecologic and
lifespan perspective

Session 1. Transitioning Lawns and Athletic Turf - Success Stories from the Field 

Chip Osborne – Osborne Organics – Marblehead Story and National Turf work

Sarah Little, former Wellesley Pesticide Awareness Coordinator – Wellesley: Organic Lawns and Turf     

Session 2. Reducing Toxics in Small Businesses Part 1: Nail Salons and Auto Body Shops

Paul Shoemaker, Boston Public Health Commission – Safe Shops Project

Al Milton, Owner of Forest Hill Auto

Tiffany Skogstrom, Boston Public Health Commission – Safe Nail Salon Project

Tri Vo, the owner of Jupiter Beauty Academy and NailMart in Dorchester - Reducing Toxics in Nail Salons

Session 3. Greening Cleaning and Disinfection in Hospitals, Schools and Municipal Buildings: A Nuts & Bolts Approach

Katie Tenaglia & Tim Weil, UML Students -  Disinfection Testing

Lynn Rose, Consultant - Institutional Cleaning and Disinfection School Project

Heidi Wilcox, TURI Lab - Bedford VA Hospital Project

Grant Opportunities Panel Discussion

TURI Community Grant Request for Proposals

Session 4. Promoting Green from Within: Municipal Models in Green Policy, Purchasing and Practices 

Vithal Deshponde, Somerville Enviornmental Dept. - Green building project and greening of Somerville

Martha Dansdill, Swampscott BOH – Land mangement and mosquito work

Paul Anastasia, Newton Facilities Operation Manager, Newton 22 Schools – IPM work and experience with trying green cleaning

Eileen Gunn, Sage Environmental Solutions - Opportunities for Municipal Environmental Purchasing

Session 5. Toxics Use Reduction in Small Business Part 2: Dry Cleaning and Floor Finishing

Joy Onasch, TURI - Dry Cleaning chemicals and processes overview, Wet cleaning technology

Silver Hanger Cleaners in Bellingham - Video case study

Mark Isabelle, Silver Hanger - Wet cleaner experience- Bellingham

Hoa Mai Nguyen, VietAid -Vietnamese Floor Finishing Project  

6. Greening Household Cleaning for Professionals and Do-it-Yourselfers

Brazilian women’s group (Vida Verde Women’s Cooperative) –

      Heloisa Maria Galvao

      Helen Sinzker

      Erica Lopes, Professional Housecleaner

Jason Marshall,  TURI Lab Director - Green cleaning for professionals and do-it-yourselfers