Checkout / Circulation Policy

K - 1 book, keep in classroom
1st - 1 book
2nd - 1 book
3rd - 2 books
4th - 2 books
5th - 3 books

Checkout Rules
1.  Students must return their books in order to checkout more.

2.  Students who lose or damage a book will not be able to checkout books to take home.

3.  Students are responsible for all books and materials checked.  Books must be kept in good condition, kept in a safe place, and  
     returned on time.  

4. The number of books a student can checkout will be made based on a students’ personal responsibility.  For example, if a student 
continually has overdue books, damages, or loses books, their privilege will become limited.  Or, if a student has proven to be very 
responsible, returning books in good condition and on time, their privilege may be extended to include an extra book.