About Us

We are customer focused.
Technology exists to serve our customers--students, teachers, staff, parents, board, and community members. We strive to understand current and anticipate future collective TSD needs. We meet and exceed our customer’s requirements and expectations.
  • We actively research the needs and expectations of our customers.
  • We ensure that the objectives of Technology are aligned to the needs of our customers.
  • We clearly and consistently communicate the needs of our customers in the work of Technology.
  • We measure customer satisfaction and act on the results.
  • We systematically and carefully manage relationships with our customers.
  • We ensure a balanced approach to satisfying the needs of our customers and the needs of our team.
Information Technology Staff

Jeff Baker
Executive Director of Data and Technology 
(206) 901-8081

Jason Wilke
Administrative Assistant to Data and Technology
(206) 901-8081

Hsian-Yu Kuo
Director of Information Technology and Network & Server Administrator
(206) 901-8083
High-level network and systems support; managing the digital communications and services infrastructure.

Pam Brundage
IT Specialist I
(206) 901-8088
Copier/Printer support and training.  Toner status monitoring and ordering. 

Albert (Eric) Estorga
IT Specialist II
(206) 901-8081
Telephone support in troubleshooting computer hardware, service requests, software questions, and troubleshooting issues for all district employees.  

Kelly Sullivan
Network Systems Technician
Field support technician for students and employees; deploys and repairs computer hardware, deploys and configures software, maintains telephone and alarm systems, and systems security.

Instructional Technology Staff
Theren Hayes
Instructional Technology Specialist
(206) 901-8085