This is a list of course materials. 
Text Book:  Prentice Hall Algebra 1 (2007 edition).  This text book should be brought to class each day as I try to give some time at the end of each class to start their homework.  In the front of the text book, there is a page that describes the Prentice Hall on-line website that is available for additional practice and review for students.  This is a very good website and should be frequented by each student to help in understanding new material and additioinal practice.   Use web code ate - 0775
Composition Book or a Binder with loose leaf paper AND graph paper will be used for all classroom note taking of examples done in class and definitions of any vocabulary assigned as well as homework assignments.  
A Table of Contents or a "Chapter Portfolio" cover page will be used to list the contents of the current Chapter's notes, examples and assignments.  This "Chapter Portfolio" will be checked daily for content completeness and it will be collected on Chapter Exam day for final homework check and homework grade entry.   This "Chapter Portfolio" will also be used on some "open note" Quizes.
All students must do all work in PENCIL and so it is suggested they carry a few pencils in the backpack.  I have 2 electric pencil sharpeners in the classroom for student use. 
A completed Chapter Portfolio turned in on Chapter Exam day will be given a grade equivalent to a Chapter Quiz grade. 
NO Chapter Portfolios will be accepted after Chapter Exam Day.

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