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Policies & Expectations

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Junior English Policies & Expectations
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Class Overview

Junior English offers a survey of American literature from the Puritan writers to Contemporary authors in a variety of genres. Students will use literature to improve and enhance their own reading, comprehension and writing skills. Literature will provide a basis for research, grammar, writing, spelling, vocabulary and oral presentations throughout the year.

Writing Assignments
Students will be expected to complete a variety of writing assignments. Many of these assignments are considered long-term assignments and will therefore be subject to the policies regarding long-term assignments. Long-term assignments must be turned in on the day they are due regardless of attendance that day. If a student is absent the day a long-term assignment is due, he/she must find another way to turn the paper in (parent, friend, email). In addition, a paper is not considered on time if a hard copy is not available when the papers are collected in class. For online submissions, a computerized deadline will be set. Any attempt to submit an assignment beyond the deadline will not be accepted. Additionally, you may not use one of the classroom computers or take up class time to print out a paper in the library without incurring a penalty (usually one letter grade). Email submissions will be accepted free of penalty in the case of absence only.

Homework Policies
• Late work will not be accepted for credit. Homework is considered late if it is not turned in when it is collected by the instructor on the assigned due date.

• Long-term assignments are due on their assigned due dates regardless of your attendance that day. A parent or a friend may turn in the assignment for you. Long-term assignments are those assignments that are one or more weeks in duration.

• If you are absent and excused the day an assignment is due, it is your responsibility to turn it in on the first day you return (except in the case of a long-term assignment, which is due on the due date regardless).

• You will have one day for every day you were absent and excused to make up any work that was assigned while you were absent.

• If you are absent the day before an assignment is due and you are present on the due date, you are still required to turn in the assignment. Therefore, if an assignment was given on a Monday and scheduled to be turned in on a Friday and you are absent any of the days in between, you are still expected to turn in the assignment on the due date.

• If you have an unexcused absence on the day an assignment was due, you will not receive credit for the assignment.

Make-Up Tests
• Any missed tests or quizzes must be made up within one week of your return to school. If they are not made up within that time frame, you will receive a zero for that test/quiz.

• You must schedule a time with me to take any missed tests or quizzes.

• If you are absent on the day of a scheduled test, and the absence was unexcused, you will not be permitted to make up the test.

• If you are absent the day before a scheduled test, and that test was scheduled before your absence, you will still be required to take the test.

• Although some absences cannot be avoided, they result in inconvenience for both student and teacher. Therefore, students must assume responsibility for what they missed by finding two classmates they can rely on for information and assignments.

• In the case of a planned absence, students should discuss this absence with the teacher to determine if there is any work that can be assigned ahead of time.

• Regardless of absences (except in the case of a long-term absence) students will be held accountable for all regularly scheduled assignments (i.e. vocabulary and spelling).

Classroom Expectations

• Students are expected to assume personal responsibility at all times. Students will be held accountable for knowing when an assignment is due, following all instructions on assignments, making up all missed work and having all of the appropriate materials (books, homework assignments, etc.) with them each day.

• Students are expected to exhibit respect at all times — respect for the classroom, respect for the teacher, respect for fellow students, respect for themselves and respect for the learning process. That means:

    • Don’t touch what doesn’t belong to you, including the computers.

    • Unless you are assigned to a computer seat, do not sit in one of the computer chairs.

    • No cell phones, iPods, mp3s or other electronic equipment during instruction.

    • Clean up after yourself. Throw away all trash and, if you are assigned to a computer seat, push in your chair.

• The consequences for breaking any of the policies listed above may include warnings, detentions, administrator referrals, parent conferences or removal from the class depending on the severity of the incident. Repeated behaviors will receive harsher consequences.


• This course will use Canvas, an online learning management system. To fully participate, students will be required to have access to the Internet. Limited access will be provided during class time, but access is available before school, at lunch and after school in the school library. Internet access is also available at the public library.

• Students will be graded on a standard scale:

    A = 90 or above (outstanding/excellent)

    B = 80-89 (above average)

    C = 70-79 (average)

    D = 60-69 (below average)

    F = less than 60 (failing)

• Only students who consistently turn in outstanding work can earn an A.

• Final grade calculation:

    cumulative semester grade = 85%

    final exam/project = 15%

• A limited number of extra credit points will be available each quarter. In some cases, the extra credit opportunities will be tied to assignments (bonus questions, etc.). Other opportunities will be given as outside assignments.

Kristen Urban,
Aug 3, 2013, 8:37 PM