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Final Exam for Honors Chemistry

There is a link for a copy of a  practice exam on the bottom of this page.  I will select 50 of the questions from this practice exam as a final exam for Honors Chemistry.  Each of the 50 questions will be edited.  (Amounts and/or substances will be changed for each question.)

AP Chemistry Homework Assignments

Week of April 15- May 3,  2013

 During these three weeks, we will be studying for the Chemistry AP exam on May 6th.  (8am)  I will provide a complete AP exam, a key, and an explanation of points awarded for you to use as a diagnostic tool.  Once you diagnose your strengths and weaknesses, we will determine a course of study for you to earn the most points possible on the exam.

To earn class credit during this time, you are required to study chemistry independently.  You may use your review book, a classroom text book, or materials that I have provided for your review.  You will earn 5 points each day providing that you use your time efficiently in class.  Failure to do so will earn no points for that day.

General Chemistry Homework Assignments

Week of April 29, 2013


Monday – Qualitative Lab Continued


Tuesday – Qualitative Lab Continued


Wednesday – Qualitative Lab Continued


Thursday – Qualitative Lab Continued


Friday – Qualitative Lab Continued

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