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Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission
“We exist to provide a supportive learning environment that challenges all members of the Mountain Pointe community to realize their highest potential.”
Our Vision

“Establishing Purpose,
Instilling Pride,
Empowering Performance

--One Person at a Time”
Our Values
  • Perseverance:
    “We demonstrate dedication, determination, and personal responsibility in pursuit of our goals and dreams.”
  • Respect:
    “We celebrate the integrity and worth of each individual and esteem the diverse cultures, talents, and skills that each individual brings to our community.”
  • Innovation:
    “We foster and reward new, creative, and imaginative approaches and ideas.
  • Dedication to Life Long Learning:
    “We emphasize learning as essential for continuously expanding horizons and achieving dreams.”
  • Excellence:
    “We seek to be the best we can be in all aspects of the Mountain Pointe experience.”