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Pride Volunteer FAQ

Human Resources 8-29-2012


Who Is a Volunteer?

A Volunteer provides service to the District without compensation. Arizona law considers Volunteers “unpaid employees.” The District must:
  1. Ensure that individuals who work with students are qualified to do so and do not pose a risk to students. 
  2. Ensure that the District’s liability is reduced by properly authorizing Volunteers for service. 
For these reasons, almost all Volunteers require clearance before they are permitted to be on campus with students. Because Volunteers must be Governing Board approved, only Human Resources is authorized to issue a Volunteer’s clearance to be on campus.

The list below contains examples of individuals who must be cleared before beginning to work with students:
  • Individuals who accompany students on any off-campus field trip or to attend a camp. 
  • Individuals who will be on campus to work with students two or more times, over the course of the school year. 
  • Individuals who are working with students to provide services including but not limited to, coaching, training, or various types of instruction. 
  • Individuals who will enter locker rooms, dressing rooms, restrooms, backstage areas or other comparable areas where students are present. 
  • Individuals who provide accompaniment or choreography services for students. 
  • Individuals who are selling tickets, bottled water, concessions, or fundraising products where students will also be working inside the vending area. 
  • Individuals who have, or who may have, close contact with students for any other reason. 

How Are New Volunteers Processed?

  • Complete and submit an electronic Volunteer Application. 
  • The Volunteer’s supervisor must ensure that two Volunteer Reference Check Forms are completed, electronically or by phone. 
  • After the references are completed, the supervisor must ensure that an electronic Personnel Action Request (PAR) is submitted by the campus or department. 
  • The Volunteer must be fingerprinted by Human Resources (unless he or she has a valid DPS fingerprint clearance card.) Human Resources will contact Volunteers for an appointment when all documentation is completed and submitted. 
Volunteers who have a valid DPS card must present the card and a photo id to Human Resources for verification. 
  • Volunteers are not cleared to begin service until a clean background report is returned to Human Resources by DPS. After the background check is returned, Human Resources will issue a Work Permit. 
  • The Volunteer’s name will be added to the list of District-approved Volunteers which will be included on the website. 
  • A Volunteer who is cleared to serve on any TUHSD campus for the current school year is cleared for service District-wide. If the Volunteer’s name appears on the list of approved Volunteers, he or she may serve without additional processing. 

How Are Returning Volunteers Processed?

Volunteer clearance expires at the end of the fiscal year (June 30). Returning Volunteers without a break in service or who have been gone less than 12 months may be added to a Master PAR. Additional steps are not required.

Who Is Not a Volunteer?
  • A student teacher, intern or observer is not a Volunteer. They are on campus to complete assigned duties as part of a college program. Student teachers and interns are required to complete a student teaching /intern/observation application and provide Human Resources with a copy of their DPS cards before being cleared to be on campus. 
  • A vendor, contractor or subcontractor is not a Volunteer. Vendors, contractors and subcontractors are processed through the purchasing department. Vendors, contractors and subcontractors are required to complete a vendor/contractor/ subcontractor application and provide purchasing with a copy of their DPS cards before being cleared to be on campus. This includes athletic trainers. 
  • A guest lecturer, competition judge, or visitor who will be on campus only once is not a Volunteer but is required to check in as a campus visitor. 
  • An ASU employee participating in educational research is not a Volunteer but is required to check in as a campus visitor. All educational research projects must receive approval from campus administration and Executive Team.

Steven Adams,
Aug 29, 2012, 7:56 PM