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College Admission

Community College Admission

All students who graduate from high school are eligible to enroll in an Arizona community college. Locally, there are a number of campuses in the Maricopa County Community College District. Students who plan to attend Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, or the University of Arizona must take the appropriate courses (detailed in the next section) and must meet at least one of the following requirements:

      • Rank in the top 25% of their graduating class, or
      • Achieve a 3.0 cumulative grade point average in 16 required core classes,
      • Earn an ACT composite score of 22 or an SAT combined score of 1040.

Conditional admission may be granted to students who rank in the top 50% of their class or achieve a 2.5 cumulative GPA. (Test score requirements remain the same.) Students granted conditional admission may be required to participate in one or more pre-college programs to help ensure their successful transition to the university.

Students planning to attend a four-year college or university outside of Arizona are urged to obtain specific admissions information regarding those institutions’ entrance requirements by going on the internet. Counselors are available to assist you in obtaining such information.

Required Courses for Admission to ASU, U of A, and NAU

When applying for admission to most four-year colleges, including Arizona’s universities, students must provide official transcripts from their high school which show satisfactory grades in the following sixteen core classes:

      • Four years of English (combining composition and literature)
      • Four years of mathematics (Algebra 1-2 and Geometry and Algebra
        3-4 and Math Analysis)
      • Three years of lab science (Biology and two of the following: Chem/
        Physics Foundations, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy or Biology 3-4)
      • Two years of social science (American History and at least one additional
        year of coursework)
      • Two years of foreign language (both years in same language)
      • One year of fine arts coursework (qualifying art, music, and drama
        classes only)
      • Though credit is not required, keyboarding and computer skills are
        essential for college.

Mountain Pointe classes that meet university admission requirements are noted as such in the course description section of this book.

In lieu of high school credit for each of the above courses, students may demonstrate specific competencies by ACT or SAT sub-test scores or by equivalent coursework at a community college. ACT or SAT scores must be requested and sent by the student. Universities do not accept the scores from the high school transcript, and for these reasons, the scores will not be maintained by the high school.

Admission to Highly Selective Colleges & Universities

If you are hoping to attend a college with a competitive admissions process, your high school transcript should show excellent grades in the following:

      • Four or more credits of English
      • Four or more credits of college preparatory mathematics
      • Four credits of college preparatory lab science
      • Two or more credits in one foreign language
      • Three or more credits of social studies

Diligent work in a variety of challenging, college preparatory and advanced level elective classes throughout high school is the best preparation for college admissions exams and for the competitive application process. Honors and Advanced Placement coursework is a strong feature on any high school record.

NCAA Eligibility Requirements

If you are an athlete who hopes to participate in an intercollegiate sports program at a Division I or II school, you must graduate from high school and meet specific eligibility standards. In terms of what is applicable at Mountain Pointe High School, those standards are as follows:

      • An ACT composite score of 17 or an SAT combined score of 820
      • A 2.0 cumulative grade point average in a “core” curriculum of
      • Thirteen credits of classes in the following core areas:
        • Three (3) credits of English
        • Two (2) credits of math
        • Two (2) credits of lab science
        • Two (2) credits of social science
        • Two (2) additional credits of English, math, or science
        • Two (2) additional credits from any of the above areas or in foreign
          language or computer programming
      • Be registered with and approved by the NCAA Clearinghouse

For more information about NCAA eligibility, please contact the Guidance Department.