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MP Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame exists to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to Mountain Pointe High School.

Nominees for the HOF will include four categories: Athlete, Coach, Teacher/Administrator/Staff, and Student. There will be no category listing or attachment to any person after they have been admitted to the Mountain Pointe Hall of Fame.

All applications are to be submitted to the Mountain Pointe Athletic Director who will in turn provide the applications to the selection committee. Nomination forms will be made available through this web site. Applications may be submitted throughout the year but will only be reviewed once a year at the end of each school year. The date the selection committee will convene will be determined by the principal. Nominations will not be retroactive. Therefore, if a nominee is to be considered repeated times, an application will need to be submitted for review each year.

Nominees to the Hall of Fame shall have an equal opportunity for admission without discrimination based on race, creed, gender, marital status, national origin, ability or disability.

Hall of Fame