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By ensuring the educational rights of our students, it is the Mountain Pointe High School English Department's mission to teach our students to be articulate, informed communicators; to create in our students the desire and confidence to become active, responsible citizens; to instill in our students an appreciation for diverse artistic expression; and to build in our students an understanding of and respect for our multicultural world.

We, the English Department of Mountain Pointe High School, value:
The learning potential of the individual

Effective communication
  • Life-long learning
  • Active Citizenship in our school and community
  • The connection between the arts and life
  • A respect for cultural diversity
  • The uniqueness of the individual
Program Highlights:

  • Award winning yearbook program. Mountain Pointe’s yearbook, Pride’s Mark, has been recognized for excellence and has been featured in the Josten's Gotcha Covered Look Book for the past decade. The Look Book features yearbook spreads and covers from across the country, and is a reference guide for yearbook advisers and staffs seeking creative design and coverage ideas, trends and inspiration. Yearbook has garnered many national awards over the years and also created the nation's first 3D yearbook.
  • American Studies - This is a two hour block course that combines American History and Literature. Students study a historical era while reading and analyzing literature from the same era. American Studies meets the U.S. History and junior English requirements.

English Department Goals 2012-2013

While analyzing the data from the 2012 Administration of the AIMS, the Mountain Pointe English Department determined that students required additional emphasis on Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, and Analysis of Persuasive Texts. We have, therefore, set the following goals.

Reading Goal 1: (AIMS Strand 1, Concept 4).

Students will complete Vocabulary lessons from Word UP, Flocabulary, and contextual vocabulary exercises in their Freshman and Sophomore English classes. They will demonstrate a 25% growth (from 2.14 to 2.67 on average) in Vocabulary scores on the 2013 administration of the AIMS Reading, Strand 1, Concept 4

Reading Goal 2: (AIMS Strand 3, Concept 3)

Students will gain more competence in analyzing persuasive texts with emphasis on making connections to related works. Students will demonstrate growth of 15% points (from 5.34 to 6.19) on the 2013 AIMS Reading, Strand 3, Concept 3.

Reading Goal 3: (AIMS Strand 1, Concept 6)

Through application of the methods suggested by the Arizona Common Core Standards and through texts that support the ACCS, students will practice closer reading of lexile-appropriate texts through out the school year. By doing so, students will increase their Reading Comprehension scores by 20% (from 2.60 to 3.12) on the 2013 administration of the AIMS Reading.

Writing Goal: (AIMS Strand 2, Concept 6) 
Through greater scrutiny of student writing, as well a increased focus on mechanical conventions in daily lessons, students will become more competent in the use of Conventions. Students will demonstrate this improvement with a 10% increase (from 4.09 to 4.5) in the AIMS Reading, Strand 2, Concept 6.
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