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Educational Services

The IEP Services Staff at Mountain Pointe High School addresses various areas of exceptionality. A general understanding of people who have learning differences is promoted among the Mountain Pointe staff. Our goal is to provide students educational opportunities that maximize their instructional capabilities encouraging them to become responsible and productive citizens. Students benefit from direct instruction, collaborative teaching, an integrated curriculum and instructional modifications/accommodations. Parental participation is a key element of our teaching approach. We take pride in our students success as they achieve their goals. For more information, please contact the Educational Services Department Chair at 480-388-8939.

Program Highlights:

  • Special Olympics: Special Olympics mission is to provide sports training and athletic competition.Students have opportunities to develop physical fitness and form friendships with other Special Olympic athletes. Special Olympics allows students to participate in a variety of sports. Currently, students are involved in bowling tournaments. Without volunteers, Special Olympics could not offer the many opportunities it does for students. For more information please contact Mrs. Jamaica Drowne at 759-8449 Ext. 58005.
  • Best Buddies: Best Buddies is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with intellectual disabilities by providing opportunities for one-to-one friendships and integrated employment.

Department Goals for 2014-15

We strive to continually improve. We will accomplish this by setting goals. This year our goals are:

  • Prepare our students for life after high school. This means having them in the appropriate classes, taking certain functional assessments to make sure the path is appropriate, continuing to provide opportunities to visit community colleges, training sites, and enrolling students in our Transition class or Work Bridge program when appropriate. It is important to make sure the students are active participants in the process.
  • Build positive relationships with parents. To do this, we want to open the lines of communication. Parents are one of the key ingredients to student success. By building relationships and working as a team, students are the winners! One way to accomplish this is through our Parent Support Group. Another way is through the web site, email communication and IEP meetings.
  • Keep our learning expectations high. Regardless of where a student’s academic, functionality, or behavior baseline is, there are always strategies to increase performance. Our goal is to do this in a way that is meaningful to the students, their IEP goals, and their plans for after high school. We can measure the success of this goal based on meeting IEP goals, increasing tutoring attendance, and increasing the passing rate for our students each quarter.
  • AIMS and Arizona Common Core implementation. By May 2013, IEP Services will increase students' "Meet" scores in AIMS by 10% from last year's "Meets" scores in Reading, Writing and Math. By May 2013, IEP Services will implement AZ Common Core in the resource classes using instructional supports of learning based on the principles of "Universal Design for Learning which fosters student engagement by presenting information in multiple ways and allows for diverse avenues of action and expression"(
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