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What is IB?

What is the IB Program?

The IB Diploma Program is a rigorous college-prep program designed for highly motivated students interested in a challenging educational experience with an international perspective. Founded in Switzerland in 1968, there are currently over 2,800 IB schools worldwide that offer the IB Diploma. Our aim is to develop students who are knowledgeable, inquiring, compassionate, and who will use cultural understanding and respect to create a more peaceful world.  

What are some of the benefits of IB?

  • Rigorous honors curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking, language and culture
  • Recognized by universities across the globe for course placement, credit, and scholarships. 
  • Emphasis on inquiry and reflection in every class
  • Curriculum with a global perspective
  • Writing is emphasized in all courses
  • Excellent college preparation
  • Learning a fine art (such as music or painting) is required
  • Multilingualism is required
  • Extra-curricular activities such as volunteering, participating in clubs, or playing sports are required

How does it work?

Students study six major content areas built around a central philosophical core while also participating in extracurricular activities and completing individual research.

  • The six content areas are: Language and Literature; Language Acquisition; Individuals and Societies; Mathematics; The Arts; Experimental Sciences

  • The Core includes: the Extended Essay (EE); Theory of Knowledge (ToK); Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS)