Gifted Services

Corona is a Great Place to be Gifted! 

Guidance counselors provide additional support to students who have been identified as having high potential for extraordinary academic success in verbal, quantitative, or abstract reasoning. Students scoring at the 97th percentile or above in any of these categories on the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT), as administered by our district in the student's eighth grade year, are identified as gifted by the Tempe Union High School District. We also honor prior gifted placement based upon any state-approved measure as well as later performance on the PSAT or other approved tests, in accordance with state law. Gifted-identified students are assigned according to their last name in the alphabet to any one of the department's counselors, who will act both as guidance counselor and gifted services contact.

It is our belief that that gifted students and their families have unique needs in order to reach their full potential, both academically and socially. With this in mind, Gifted Services provides additional opportunities and guidance to such students and families. We are aware that gifted students and their parents have a wide variety of options available to them in search of the best education and services available to meet their needs. Whether considering a charter school, private academy, gifted magnet school, or any other high school in or out of the Tempe Union High School District, we are confident that families of gifted students will find few other places of learning that compare competitively with Corona del Sol.

Our whole person approach in providing education and life experiences to the gifted learner in a traditional, comprehensive public high school setting includes rigorous academics, numerous guidance and gifted services, many sports and extracurricular activities, and plenty of socialization opportunities. With all of these fine services and opportunities for personal growth, it is little wonder that over 450 identified gifted students and their families have made the choice to attend the school right in their own backyard, Corona del Sol High School.

Services and Opportunities for Gifted Students and Parents

A quick overview of the services offered and opportunities made available to gifted students at Corona del Sol High School demonstrates the excellent academic foundations provided by our school and its faculty.

Corona Gifted Student Services and Opportunities



Grade “A” school (highest state rating)


 School accreditation by AdvancED, formerly North Central, 
 advancing excellence in education worldwide


Rigorous Honors coursework


AGEC-A and AA Degree Programs as well as individual dual enrollment courses for transferable college credit


University-level Advanced Placement (AP) coursework and exams


100% highly qualified teachers in all areas, as per NCLB


Teachers with bachelor’s degrees


Teachers with master’s degrees or more education

over half


Teachers certified by Arizona Dept of Education


Honors/AP teachers gifted endorsed by Arizona Dept of Education

over half


Four-year Individualized Learning Plan (ILP),
revised annually, for all gifted students


Advanced Studies and Honors Professional Internship opportunities
for gifted-identified juniors and seniors


 Curriculum acceleration options for the gifted learner


Large 5A Division I high school offering numerable
AIA athletic competition opportunities


Thriving fine arts programs in choir, band, orchestra,
 drama, dance, and the visual arts


Myriad clubs and activities offering leadership and
 community service experiences


Traditional, comprehensive public high school, embracing diversity in student population, regardless of gender, orientation, ethnicity, race, religion, or ability; thus providing real world experiences 



Service and Course Option Descriptions    

Individualized Learning Plan (ILP)

Early in the gifted student's enrollment process at Corona del Sol High School, students and parents may meet with their assigned guidance counselor to create a four-year Individualized Learning Plan, which is aligned with the state-mandated Education and Career Action Plan (ECAP). This ILP addresses post high school goals, focusing on both college and career interests, and helps provide appropriate direction for high school course selection and other growth opportunities. Updates occur annually or as needed throughout the student's tenure in high school. Once established by creating an account, taking a career interest survey, and developing an ILP with the assistance of the counselor, students may access their individual online education plan by logging in at

Rigorous Honors Courses

In all academic departments and in seveal elective areas, the gifted student may choose rigorous Honors classes suited to the needs and desires of the able learner. Freshman eligibility for Honors coursework is determined by the student score in the specific area of the district’s honors and gifted test (the Cognitive Abilities Test or CogAT) taken while in 8th grade. Eligibility in the verbal category allows the student to enroll in Honors English and social studies classes, while eligibility in the mathematics category opens up Honors coursework in math and science. Eligibility in the abstract category allows the student to take Honors science courses only. These procedures are strictly followed in all situations, and exceptions cannot be made. Students demonstrating marked academic achievement and earning their teacher’s recommendation while in attendance at Corona may be allowed to move up from regular coursework into Honors classes the following year.

University-Level AP Courses and Exams

Corona del Sol offers a variety of Advanced Placement course options to enhance student skills and knowledge required for national AP exams. Generally, these options are available to students entering their junior and senior years. There is no additional charge for enrolling in an AP course, but in order to earn college credit or demonstrate proficiency, students must pay for and take the corresponding AP exam and earn a qualifying score. AP exams occur during the first two full weeks of May each year. Gifted Services organizes and runs these tests and encourages gifted students to take this opportunity to advance their college preparation, with the potential of earning advanced university placement, college credit, or both. Those students intending to apply to the most prestigious and selective colleges and universities should find that AP coursework provides excellent academic preparation and helps to generate a student record that is highly competitive on the national stage. To see how exam scores are accepted for college equivalency credit at specific universities, visit the AP Website.


Dual Enrollment Classes

Dual enrollment courses are offered on the Corona del Sol campus in conjunction with Rio Salado and other local community colleges, allowing the student to earn both high school credit and community college credits upon completion of the class. With the cost set at the standard community college rate to be paid at the beginning of the term, these classes are a cost-efficient way to earn early undergraduate credits. Unlike the AP program, however, there is no qualifying exam or additional fee at the end of the course. Public universities generally tend to accept these credits, while out-of-state and private colleges may or may not; therefore, it is advisable to explore the policies of the student’s universities of interest prior to enrollment and payment for any dual enrollment course. The enrollment and payment for community college credit is handled by the course teacher within the first few weeks of the term. To see how dual enrollment credits will transfer to an in-state public university, visit AZ Transfer.

Advanced Studies

The Advanced Studies course allows gifted students to earn high school credit in areas of interest for university courses beyond the scope of high school offerings or for creating and completing specialized independent study academic and/or creative projects. This weighted elective course for juniors and seniors is repeatable and open to identified gifted students only. It is listed in the Curriculum Catalog under Interdisciplinary Studies, with the course code IS14. 

Honors Professional Internship

The Honors Professional Internship course provides students high school credit for working with a professional mentor in a field of special interest and completing directed projects to enhance academic and personal development. This is a repeatable weighted elective course open only to gifted juniors and seniors. The course can be found in the Curriculum Catalog under Interdisciplinary Studies; the course code is IS15.

Gifted Advisory Committee Representation

The Corona del Sol guidance faculty participate in Tempe Union High School District Gifted Advisory Council committee meetings to represent the needs of our gifted students and to assist with gifted identification testing, program development, and evaluation of the home school site and district gifted services.
Gifted Links
Honors Courses
Hon Freshman English
Hon Sophomore English
Hon Junior English
Advanced Composition
Hon French 3-4
Hon French 5-6
Hon French 7-8
Hon German 3-4
Hon German 5-6
Hon German 7-8
Hon Spanish 3-4
Hon Spanish 5-6
Hon Geometry 1-2
Hon Algebra 3-4
Hon Finite Math
Hon Brief Calculus
Hon Calculus 3
Differential Equations
Hon Computer Program
Hon Chem-Physics
Hon Biology
Hon Advanced Biology
Hon Chemistry
Hon Physics
Hon Exercise Physiology

Hon World Geography
Hon World History
Hon US/AZ History
Hon US/AZ Government

CTE (Non-Core)
Hon Adv Accounting
Mechanical Engineering
FINE ARTS (Non-Core)
Hon Art 1-2
Hon Art 3-4
Hon Art 5-6
Hon Music Exploration

GIFTED (Non-Core)
Advanced Studies
Hon Prof Internship
AP Courses
AP English Language
AP English Literature
AP Spanish Language
AP Calculus BC
AP Statistics
AP Computer Science A
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Environmental Science
AP Physics 1
AP World History
AP US History
AP US Gov & Politics
AP Micro Economics
AP Psychology
AP Human Geography
AP European History

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