Cell Phones & Electronic Devices

Keeping the Corona del Sol classrooms places of rigor and relevance creates the need for changes in policy. Due to the increase in classroom interruptions, incidents of academic dishonesty, and reported thefts, the following items are NOT allowed on campus:
• iPods
• Paging Devices
• MP3 Players
• Laser Pointers
• Portable DVD Players
• Headsets
• Personal Laptops
• Cameras and Video Recorders
• any Game-Playing Device
• CD Players or Any Electronic or Digital Music Devices

These items, which are unnecessary to our educational process and deemed potentially disruptive, will not be allowed at school AT ALL. The only exception to this policy shall be items brought to the classroom for instruction-related activities that are supervised by the classroom teacher.
Cell Phones
Administration understands that cell phones are valuable tools for student security and parental contact for emergencies; however, their use during class time is disruptive to the educational process. Although they are not prohibited from the campus, CELL PHONES MAY NOT BE SEEN, HEARD, OR USED DURING ANY CLASS PERIOD WITHOUT TEACHER PERMISSION. Use is interpreted as using any cell phone function or feature, not just the sending or receiving of calls. Even a phone ringing during class (i.e., not on "silent" or "vibrate" mode) may be considered disruptive. Students violating this policy will receive at least one warning. If it continues to be a problem or insubordination results, the teacher may require detention time at his or her discretion. Serious, repeated infringements may result in a teacher's written referral to administration for discipline. Administration will determine discipline measures, as per district policy.