Students may apply for the National Honor Society at the beginning of their junior year. Students should prepare for NHS membership during their 9th and 10th grade years.  Preparation should include community service, leadership roles in clubs, and other activities which may be used for service/leadership.  The application requires 2 SEPARATE leadership roles and 2 SEPARATE community service locations (this does not include school sponsored activities) 

Beginning Monday, August 14, 2017  interested students may check an eligibility list (posted by student number) outside of Room E061 on the wall  and may then download the application from our N.H.S. website.  Go the the activities tab, scroll toward the bottom, click on the NHS link, once the blue page pops up, scroll to the bottom and click on the application.
PLEASE NOTE: Due to budget constraints, applications and letters advising students of their eligibility  are no longer sent home or to the class rooms.



A student must demonstrate outstanding qualities of scholarship, character, leadership, and service to the community.

The minimum requirements are:

Scholarship – A minimum of a 3.5 cumulative GPA is required (or 87 weighted official rank points for juniors/129 weighted official rank points for seniors.) Please note this is a change from last year's eligibility requirements.

Leadership – A minimum of two leadership positions (SEPARATE LOCATIONS) within the community are required. School club officer positions are acceptable for general membership.

Service – A minimum of two separate activities are required. These activities may NOT BE school sponsored. These must be true community service events/activities. Verification from a sponsor  (a parent/guardian may NOT VERIFY  service hours) is required. These service hours MAY NOT BE FROM THE SAME LOCATIONS! Please see specified directions on the application.  All service hours must be from your high school years (9th, 10th, 0r 11th grades) not from middle school.

Mrs. Dorris, Mrs. Baker,  Mr. Nenaber, Mr. Bell, or Mrs. Benedict, may sign off on your referral section. Please see any of them before or after school for a signature.
Students who apply may not have any referrals (other than cell phone referral) on their record. Seniors who are new applicants may not have any referrals for any of the 3 years.  Juniors may not have referrals for their 9th or 10th grade years.

APPLICATIONS FOR MEMBERSHIP WILL BE AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD BEGINNING  Monday, August 14th and are due on or before August 29th, 2017 by 2:30pm.

Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted. Applications are due on or before August 29th, 2017 at 2:30pm.

 If a student does not have the required  items in a required category, the application will be reviewed by a committee. For example, a student only has ONE leadership position-we will review this information. Reviewing does NOT GUARANTEE membership.  

It is the responsibility of the student to see if they have been accepted.
Notices of acceptance will not be sent to the student or the families. 
Students must take responsibility to check for their own acceptance into NHS.
Announcements will be made when the acceptance list has been posted. Students must then check on the wall outside of E061 to see if they have been accepted.

Once accepted into NHS:
1. As a new member you must pay your membership dues by the end of the first semester. If your dues is not paid by the end of the first (1st) semester, membership is suspended.  Membership dues is $35.00 for two years. New seniors must pay $35.00 even though this is their only year of eligibility.  Returning seniors do not need to pay again if they are still academically eligible.  New Juniors pay for their Junior and Senior year at the beginning of their junior year. If academic eligibility becomes a concern, dues is not refundable. Additionally, if you are a new senior, you still pay $35.00 even though it is only for your senior year.
2. You must complete 45 total hours of community service within the school year.  You may use 12 hours community service from summer activities. You must volunteer at a minimum of 2 separate locations for your community service. You may not gather all 45 hours from the same location.
3. All entire club activities are mandatory unless you have a prior approval to miss the event from Mrs. Dorris, Sr. Quiroz, or Ms. Gladding


The sponsorship of the chapter is being handled differently this year as our chapter has changed so much. 
Mrs. Dorris will be overseeing all major operations of the chapter. 
Mrs. Dorris, Sr. Quiroz, and Ms. Gladding will be co-sponsoring the chapter. We have a junior class secretary and a senior class secretary this year. 

Communications will be handled mainly by the REMIND.COM app. Please make sure to sign up to the app so you are receiving vital chapter information. Additional communications may be sent through your students TUHSD email address. We have advised all members to check this email address as well. 

A QR code will be sent to all students in the near future. This will be used to sign in to all chapter meetings, all activities and events that we are sponsoring, etc. That way there is no confusion as to whether a student was in attendance or not.
These will be individualized and cannot be copied or shared.

October 23rd will be our first ever TRUNK OR TREAT EVENT. Members wishing to participate need to sign up with one of the officers or Mrs. Dorris on or before October 19th. This will be held on the campus. Students are receiving all of the detailed information at the chapter meetings.

November 18th is our annual blanket drive. This is a MANDATORY EVENT FOR ALL CHAPTER MEMBERS. It will be from 730am-1030am in the cafeteria. Students are responsible for bringing all the materials needed. All information regarding the blanket drive is being given to the students at the chapter meetings.

                                     GENERAL INFORMATION


NHS Meetings:  NHS meetings are held once a month (or every other month depending on the needs of the club) during both lunches in Lecture Hall "B". In order to get students out to lunch quickly we ask that you arrive ASAP. The faster you arrive the faster you are out of there. Meetings are brief but contain very important information for all members.  To remain as an active member, you  may only miss ONE MEETING per semester (2 total for the year).  Membership will be suspended if you miss more than 2 meetings. Of course any school related activity is excused. 

In addition, membership dues of $35.00 must be paid for all new members by the end of the first semester. Failure to pay dues will result in membership being suspended.  Juniors will need to reapply next year as seniors.  Seniors who have not paid dues will not be eligible to wear recognition attire at graduation.

NHS members please remember that you represent not only yourselves and Corona del Sol, but also the NATIONAL CHAPTER of NHS. Please keep that in mind when you are out in the community, here in the school community, and when you are on social media sites. What you say / do on those sites and in public venues can be detrimental to your reputation and to the NHS in general. Please always be conscientious and appropriate. As with any club, sport, or school sponsored activity, members and participants are held to a higher standard.

NHS members need to check this site and EM frequently for updated information regarding chapter events and community service opportunities. It is the members responsibility.   The NHS secretaries will send out regular group / mass EM regarding meetings, service opportunities, etc.  so students MUST CHECK for these EMAILS.

Please make sure you have signed up to receive the REMIND.COM mass message for important meeting information. Contact any officer for this information.

Jayelee Dorris,
Aug 21, 2017, 9:32 AM