Students may apply for the National Honor Society at the beginning of their junior year. Students should prepare for NHS during their 9th and 10th grade years.  Preparation may include community service, leadership roles in clubs, and other activities which may be used for service/leadership.  The application requires 2 leadership roles and 2 community service locations.

Beginning August 12th, 2013 interested students may check an eligibility list (posted by student number) outside of Room E052 on the wall  and may then download the application from our N.H.S. website.  **PLEASE NOTE: Due to budget constraints, applications and letters advising students of their eligibility  are no longer sent home or to the class rooms.

*** Students must check the posted list and then download the application
. The application is on the bottom of this home page! Notices will NOT BE sent home or to the classroom/student. It is the responsibility of the student to check the list for eligibility.

NO LATE OR INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Completed applications are due on or before August 30th, 2013. Please return completed applications to Mrs. Dorris' room-E052.

A student must demonstrate outstanding qualities of scholarship, character, leadership, and service to the community.

The minimum requirements are:

Scholarship – A minimum of a 3.6 cumulative GPA is required (or 87 weighted official rank points for juniors/129 weighted official rank points for seniors.)

Leadership – A minimum of two leadership positions within the school or community are required.

Service – A minimum of two separate activities are required. These activities may be through the school (non-credit areas--school
sanctioned ) or in the community. Verification from a sponsor  (a parent/guardian may NOT SIGN off service hours) is required. These service hours MAY NOT BE FROM THE SAME LOCATIONS!

Character – A total of three (3) recommendation forms must be submitted by the student from current or previous high school level teachers. Mrs. Dorris, Mr. Nero, Mr. Bell, Mrs. Benedict,  or Mr. Brown may sign off on your referral section. Please see any of them before or after school for a signature.
Students who apply may not have any referrals (other than cell phone referral) on their record.

APPLICATIONS FOR MEMBERSHIP WILL BE AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD BEGINNING AUGUST 12TH, 2013 and are due August 30th 2013 by 2:30pm. Students are responsible for retrieving the information from the website. CdS will NOT print or provide paper applications to the students. Students must check the eligibility list and follow the directions from there.

Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted. If a student does not have the required amount of items in a required category, the application will be reviewed by a committee. For example, a student only has ONE leadership position-we will review this information. Reviewing does NOT GUARANTEE membership.
NHS acceptance information has now (Sept. 9th, 2013) been posted on the wall outside of E052.
It is the responsibility of the STUDENT TO see if they have been accepted.
Notices of acceptance WILL NOT BE SENT.
Students must take responsibility to check for their own acceptance into NHS.
Once accepted into NHS as a new member you must pay your membership dues by the end of the first semester. If your dues is not paid by the end of the first (1st) semester, membership is suspended. 

If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Dorris via EM at jdorris@TUHSD.K12.AZ.US.

                                     GENERAL INFORMATION

Monthly meetings are mandatory. You may only miss one meeting per semester.
Monthly meeting dates are posted on the calendar (located on the left side of this page) click the link.  . PLEASE BE ON TIME. MAKE SURE TO SIGN IN. JUNIORS SIGN IN ON THE NORTH DOOR ENTRY AND SENIORS AT THE SOUTH DOOR ENTRY.

** Any member interested in being an officer in NHS next year, please see Mrs. Dorris for details about the office you are interested in.  At our next all club meeting in March, we will be announcing this as well.  Applications will go live in mid March.  You must download and print them on your own.  Interested members may attend the next few officer meetings to see what goes on and what is expected. 
Newly selected officers are required to be at THIS YEARS GRADUATION CEREMONY to pass out programs and assist graduation staff. More information will be given to the new officers once selections have been made.

Stole and Tassel orders are due on March 21st.  You must pay in the bookstore and bring your ACTUAL RECEIPT TO MRS. DORRIS BY MARCH 21ST.  The cost is as follows:
$30.00 for both stole and tassel
$10.00 for tassel
$25.00 for stole
If Mrs. Dorris does not have the physical receipt by March 21st, the items WILL NOT BE ORDERED FOR YOU.   Please mark this date --SENIORS!!!!
New Seniors must have had dues paid by the end of the first semester in order to receive stole and tassels.

Community service hours are due on May 2nd. No late hours will be accepted.  Seniors, if you do not turn in your hours or your hours or not completed or dues is not paid, you WILL NOT RECEIVE YOUR STOLE AND TASSEL.   Hours may be turned in any time, but are due at the end of the school day on MAY 2ND!!!

Several service and donation drives - 

2.  The Holly Hope Foundation club is collecting for items from the wish list for Children's Cancer Center Hospitals.  If you would like a copy of the wish list for your student please contact Mrs. Dorris.
(all NHS members participating will receive hours-up to 6 hours for items)

NHS Officers 2013-2014
President: Julie Song
VP: Conor Prindiville
Co-Secretaries: Manali Chavan & Lillian Engel
Treasurer: Chlose Hacker
Induction Chair: Anna Lee
Community Service: Amy Hong & Rohit Badia

NHS Meetings:  NHS meetings are held once a month during both lunches in Lecture Hall "B". In order to get students out to lunch quickly we ask that you arrive ASAP. The faster you arrive the faster you are out of there. Meetings are brief but contain very important information for all members.  As specified above, members may only miss ONE MEETING per semester (2 total for the year).  Membership will be suspended if you miss more than 2 meetings. Of course any school related activity is excused.
In addition, membership dues must be paid for all new members by the end of the first semester. Failure to pay dues will result in membership being suspended.  Juniors will need to reapply next year as seniors.  Seniors who have not paid dues will not be eligible for stole and tassels at the end of the year. 

NHS members please remember that you represent not only yourselves and Corona del Sol, but also the NATIONAL CHAPTER of NHS. Please keep that in mind when you are out in the community, here in the school community, and when you are on social media sites. What you say / do on those sites and in public venues can be detrimental to your reputation and to the NHS in general. Please always be conscientious and appropriate. As with any club, sport, or school sponsored activity, members and participants are held to a higher standard.

NHS members need to check this site and EM frequently for updated information regarding chapter events and community service opportunities. It is the members responsibility.

Monthly meeting dates: See the calendar also


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