Gmail attachment warnings still broken

I keep seeing posts about Gmail and its "you forgot your attachment" feature.  In my opinion it still needs work.

I tried this when it was in the labs phase and found an obvious problem.  I posted my findings in what should be the appropriate place, in Google forums and the like.  Several other people posted similar findings and many others posted requests for added features.

Google has since rolled this out as a standard feature and the problem I found still has not been fixed.  I don't understand this.  There is no place to complain or get information about future fixes, if any are planned, so I'm going to post in my own space about it.

Here's how you can see for yourself.  Start up an email in Gmail and use the phrase "Please see files attached."  No warning is given about missing attachments.  You do get a warning for "Please see attached files".  So, you must know the magic phrases to save yourself.

Come on Google, get with it.