NTHS Ski Academy

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Are you a competitive downhill or nordic skier? Are you involved in Dance or other extra curricular that makes it difficult to attend a "regular" high school because of training schedules and competitions? Do you want to find a place where you are supported through flexible scheduling while still getting the benefits of a free, public education?

North Tahoe High School's Ski and Independent Study Academies may be the perfect fit for you.

Flexible scheduling allows for a consistent training regimen.

Most students in our academies enroll in 3-4 on-site academic courses and 2-3 independent study courses through a number of providers both online and in-district. The timing of your training periods depends on your individual need and our course availability.

Full Independent Study support while travelling for competitions

For winter athletes, competitions typically mean travelling to various races for several days to weeks at a time. During these periods - you are able to take your classes on the road with you. Teachers make work and assignments available to you while being accessible via email or phone to answer questions.

Most teachers also have actual lessons accessible via the internet and other support tools that students can access 24/7.

Dedicated Independent Study Coordinator focusing on your success

We have an Independent Study Coordinator that focuses on our Ski/IS Academies to support with both the off campus courses you take throughout the year and while you are travelling on full independent study.

Rest assured that families are not left to stumble their way through their high school education and college search process. NTHS has a full-time Professional School Counselor who helps students develop academically, socially, and post-secondarily.