Mission & Contributors

Supporting schools and inspiring families

to improve children's nutrition and wellness.

Our hopes are to:

· Increase the availability and consumption of nutritious, whole food at CFT.

· Create and support tools that enable schools and parents to establish healthy eating environments and engage children in making good food choices.

· Encourage people to take action in supporting healthier kids.

· Share success stories and best practices to inspire others.

· Increase science learning and hands on learning in various areas of science using the Grade Level Garden Beds

· Use the Garden to engage cross curricular learning (writing, reading, art, math across the curriculum)

· Provide many opportunities for cooperative social learning using the Garden.

While the project is geared toward the growth of our students, it is also meant to act as a bridge between the school and homes, families, businesses, and other neighborhood members.


Watch for our section in the Wild Cat Chat for the latest garden news!

We look forward to sharing this wonderful journey with you;

CFT is a wonderful place to grow!

Community Contributors:
Boy Scout Troop #208 (& parents)!
Oregon Potato Commission  http://www.oregonspuds.com/
Umpqua Bank Volunteers

Growing Gardens
Burbee Garden

Moes Garden
Oregon Metro

Parent Support Organization
Al's Garden
Melcher Farms (Ken & June's Hazelnuts)
The Roberts Family