While electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are used around the world as a way of helping people quit smoking, travellers coming to Thailand should be aware that these devices are in fact illegal in the kingdom.

Anyone found breaking this law by using an electronic cigarette – or vaping – in Thailand could be arrested and face jail time, or a fine several times the value of the illegal item(s). This applies both to foreigners and Thais.

There have been many incidents recently of foreign travellers who were unaware of the ban facing an on-the-spot fine or being arrested.

Many may ask why a device designed to aid people in quitting the habit is being banned. A government spokesman said the ban was introduced for health reasons and that it was originally suggested because electronic cigarettes were luring young people into smoking.

That ban has been in place since 2014.

Thus, travellers coming to Thailand are advised not to bring any electronic cigarettes with them, nor any item or equipment associated with e-cigarettes; such as, the liquid used in the device.

Likewise, travel agents or tour operators selling Thailand as a destination should make sure their clients are aware of the ban in place on electronic cigarettes.

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