"Be A Champion"

Eneas to take on the 2018 RAAM 2 Man World Record with ultra endurance racing legend Mark Pattinson. 
No RAAM attempt is possible without the help of up to a dozen volunteer crew members that work day and night to help get Eneas and Mark across the country. Please help me cover their costs by contributing to our 

As a life long athlete, Eneas has always enjoyed the motivating and healthy lifestyle of sports and competition as part of a balanced approach to his daily routine. His passion for endurance sports has taken him around the world and helped teach him "Endurance for Life". To learn more about Eneas' background please visit his bio, or follow some of his real time adventures on his Strava account!


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As a professional coach and trainer, Eneas has created via TTEndurance one of the most sophisticated endurance programs in Fairfield county including a renowned indoor cycling program. 

To learn more about how you can take advantage of Eneas' coaching and training services, or those of his colleagues at TT, please contact him at: