Cloud Technology Internship

    A local startup founded in February of 2015, DW C-Learning aims to promote the betterment of education with, as director of the program Dr. Wobus says, "the application of internet and cloud technology—the destiny of education." Now having well over 20 years of teaching experience in both China and the US, the pioneer in cloud technology application to education provides instructional services in teacher training, Chinese and English language education, cloud technology consultancy, and youth skill development.

    To further share her breadth of knowledge and benefit teachers across the nation, Dr. Wobus is now offering internship positions over the summer to high school juniors and seniors. College students are also eligible and encouraged to apply for an experience that can only be described as invaluable to future successes. Interns, while expected to sacrifice just over month of their time, do indeed come out as new people. Take it from former intern Tony S. whose words exemplify the internship as a whole.

"Though my initial expectations weren't high in the slightest, I soon realized how applicable cloud technology is to the world of today. From innovations like the computer to the Internet, technology has and continues to be a driving force in contemporary society. This is the very reason as to why an internship at DW C-Learning is so rewarding."

    Though a good academic standing is preferred, the only requirement to apply is having a laptop with a webcam and a pair of earphones. Other qualifications can be found under the "Resources" menu in the "DWC-Learning Summer Internship Info" document. If interested, students can apply by via this form and then e-mail their resume and a photocopy of their latest report card to with the subject line "Internship YOUR FULL NAME." Qualified applicants from the initial screening will be contacted for a video interview. Accepted applicants will then be notified by e-mail to confirm their job acceptances.

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