Recently we made our page live for the parents of 1WA to view. We sent it out via email and received positive feedback including this comment...

From: Nardia Larrazabal
Sent: Tuesday, 9 August 2011 4:23 PM
To: Gail Woodward
Subject: Re: 1WA's webpage as part of ICT at Joeys

Hi Gail and Annette,

Wow! Thanks for that – very exciting to see the creations that the children are producing. Much excitement from Ruby as she explained all the ins and

outs to us.


Cheers, Nardia


From: Gail Woodward

Sent: Tuesday, August 09, 2011 4:08 PM

Subject: 1WA's webpage as part of ICT at Joeys


Please view our page as uploaded on the ICT Joeys site. We are very excited and hope you enjoy this. Congratulations to Glenda Scrase who has been

coaching us J


Annette and Gail



The children, as part of an earlier unit on "My Favourite Things" produced a collaged silhouette which has been mounted on a Bomomo background created by each child, for entry into the 2011 Eisteddfod - Visual Arts (Open Prep to Year 1).

Come and see our entries from Sept 10/11th! Or preview below...

1WA Eisteddfod pieces using Bomomo & collage

This is an example of work created by Nicole in Yr 1WA using the app, Bomomo. She is deciding (critically) whether she is happy to use this as her background or if she would prefer to redo her creation, in light of the feedback she received from the rest of the class (the centre of her work will be covered by a silhouette of herself, which has been collaged with items and symbols special to her) Nicole is deciding if the part of her picture which will be seen makes enough of an impression on her audience).

Let us introduce to you Mr Sharky. He is 1WA's class pet and Mr Sharky came with us on assembly in Term 2 to speak to the school about what he likes and the sorts of things he does. We were really excited about creating Mr Sharky. Some of 1WA made their own pet avatar after we created Mr Sharky and that really got us motivated to create fantastic looking avatars in our studyladder profiles.