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Creating and embedding Learning Journey's from Scootle

posted 18 Sep 2012, 00:21 by Robie Jayawardhana   [ updated 18 Mar 2013, 20:14 by MARTIN MCGAURAN ]
This post is a continuation of the one titled: "Converting MyClasses pages to Google sites"
Creating a Learning Journey
You need to go to Scootle, create and save the Learning Journey as a PDF, then embed the PDF in your Google site. 

Embedding the Learning Journey in a Google Site

Note: If you ever delete the Learning Journey in Scootle, the PDF you created becomes useless. None of the links will work. Similarly, the embedded PDF on your website becomes useless also.

NOTE: These videos were made using a free screen capture package called Camstudio. The video was manipulated in Windows Live Moviemaker (also free), then uploaded to Google docs. They were saved from Camstudio as AVI files.