Tsukuba-UBC Global Leaders Program


  1. 筑波大学とブリティッシュコロンビア大学(UBC)の協働開発による北米型大学授業を英語で受講
  2. 派遣前研修(筑波大学)⇒海外研修(UBC)⇒帰国後研修・課題提出(筑波大学)(両校から修了証発行)
  3. UBCの学生寮での滞在を通し、カナダ人高校生や留学生(米、欧、アジア等)との国際交流体験
  4. 研修前後の英語力(TOEFLiBT)・グローバルマインドセットの研修効果測定


This program is a part of the five year Tsukuba Super Global High School Program sponsored by Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. The objective of this program is to develop each trainee to be the next generation of global leaders equipped with global mindset and global competency. To achieve this goal, an experiential learning program that combined pre-departure training at the University of Tsukuba and overseas training program at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, Canada will be conducted as a consistent program.

For more details on the program, please refer to items of each academic year.

【連絡先 Contact】
SGH幹事校管理機関 sgh-kanjiko@un.tsukuba.ac.jp