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Research Tools

Here are some links to use when researching for Science... we know these sites are trustworthy and the information you find will be usable for your research!
The Franklin Institute

PBS Science and Nature

Cyber Sleuth Kids

Ask Kids! - Type in a question and see if you can find an answer

Welcome to the Universe! - Interested in learning about the solar system?

Science Reporting - Here are some links compiled by EurekAlert! that are split up by topic with sites to click and go to for more research

Kids News Sites - Click here to find links to other pages where you will find news stories for kids
Extreme Science! - Check this out for some extreme science by topics!

FT Science - Explore some interesting topics in Science

How Stuff Works - check out the human body!

Science News for kids!

EurekAlert! - Science news that's kid friendly!

AMNH Ology! - Click here to check out different topics in science! Read, play games and create your own stuff!
Fact Monster! - Lists of facts by category

KidsOLR - Sites organized by category (a little challenging to navigate)

Open Directory - Giant list of other links and sites to go to... not as kid friendly but has some good info by topic

Sci4Kids - USDA site that examines science, agriculture and you!

NOAA Research - Has some specific topics, specifically storms, the atmosphere and oceans/lakes