Trusting Your Food LLC exists to provide a trusted, consistent food supply consisting of clean, natural, sustainable food produced in a self-reliant way that can feed and employ people even in a Disaster.

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the animals can naturally reproduce with each other and raise their own young at a rate that will feed the family and increase the herd.  We wil produce crops, animal feed and enough seed to increase next year’s crop.


the environment is taken care of and the animal has enough room, food, etc.  All animals are raised in humane conditions, ways that promote healthy, natural lives for the animals as much as possible.


no chemicals, additives, preservatives, etc are given to the animals or plants.


all the resources (nutrients, effort & energy) used in the food we grow comes from the farm.  If all life on the planet ends except for our farm, we can continue.


The work on the farm will be done by people, using innovations, but focused on giving people meaningful work that will better their lives.


we can grow and sell enough food for 40 families or 400 adults and children.


Disasters indicate that there are things that will affect our food production supply.  We will prepare (as much as possible) for all types of disasters so the food supply stays available for up to 1 year without additional production.