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     Dr. Cocke, Music Specialist at Paine Elementary, presented his research on “The Effects of iPad-Based Instruction versus Traditional Music Instruction on Vocal Pitch Matching Accuracy” at the Mid-South Educational Research Associations’ (MSERA) annual conference in Mobile, Alabama on Wed, Nov 2.
     The presentation was extracted from his doctoral dissertation on the same topic and compared three groups of students 1) a group that received vocal pitch matching instruction using iPads 2) a group that received vocal pitch matching instruction using traditional instruction and 3) a control group that did not receive any vocal pitch matching instruction during the study.
     Findings concluded that 1) vocal pitch matching is a skill that can be taught and improved 2) iPad-based instruction can improve vocal pitch matching accuracy 3) traditional music instruction can lead to improved vocal pitch-matching accuracy 4) iPad-based instruction was not superior to traditional instruction.

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