·       Grading Policy


o   Our grading policy is a reflection of summative and formative observations and evaluations supported by performance based standards, assessments, and department and school-wide rubrics.

o   Performance, standards and assessments include:

§  Active participation (effort and based on strategy of game)

§  Preparedness

§  Attitude and behavior

·         Following instructions

·         Awareness of safety factors and issues

·         Aware of how an individual’s behavior affects others

§  Knowledge (including rules and strategy quizzes)

§  Connecticut Physical Fitness Test

§  Skill Acquisition, performance, improvement




When a student receives a zero, their grade is affected.  Three zeros is equivalent to the loss of a full letter grade.  If your son/daughter is exceeds all performance standards, but failed to dress properly for three physical education classes, they will automatically receive a B.  When a student earns three zeros, they will be sent to the Dean of Students and assigned a Saturday detention.  This Saturday detention should inform parents and/or guardians that your son/daughter is not meeting expectations in class.


·         How students receive 0’s

o   Cutting/skipping class = two 0’s

o   Unexcused absence = one 0

o   Nurse (unless sent home) or guidance office during class = 0

o   Inappropriate attire (scantily clad or improper attire prevents students from being able to participate) = one 0

o   Consistent profanity and/or inappropriate comments and/or behavior = one or two 0’s

o   Creating an unsafe environment for self or others = one or two 0’s

o   Behavior that affects the ability of other students and/or teachers to fulfill their expectations during class.




Our commitment to education and the Trumbull High School community is to enable students to achieve high standards in physical education.  With your support we believe that physical education will nurture and develop skills necessary for your sons and daughters to succeed in multiple endeavors throughout their high school careers, and for many additional years.


Multiple levels of ability and learning are common in physical education classes.  Safety is our paramount goal and concern, as is the ability for multiple levels of learners to adapt and adjust evidenced via teamwork, cooperation, and support.  We encourage students to be independent thinkers and act responsibly during activity classes.  Students should reflect a sense of awareness as it relates to their surroundings and how their actions affect others.








All students, regardless of extracurricular activities are REQUIRED to participate in physical education class, including game/event days.  Failure to do so will affect their grade and their participation eligibility.