Officers & Executive Board

Meet our elected student council officers!

  • Co-Presidents: The Middlebrook Student Council elects two co-presidents from the 5th grade class.  The co-presidents have various responsibilities, including running meetings, collecting ideas and suggestions, working on the Student Council Bulletin Board, and planning and setting up for Student Council fundraisers and Spirit Days.
  • Secretary: The secretary is an elected 5th grade officer who is in charge of taking notes at our meetings and keeping track of our many student council events.
  • Treasurer: The treasurer is an elected 5th grade officer who is in charge of keeping track of the money that we earn from our various student council events and fundraisers.
  • Student Liaison: The Student Liaison is an elected 5th grade student who will connect with the various classes and students in Middlebrook, and report back ideas, suggestions, etc. to the Student Council.  This officer will do so by getting the word out and making posters and signs for events and fundraisers.
  • The Executive Board: The Executive Board consists of 5th grade students chosen after the final round of elections who will attend meetings and help out with the many student council events and fundraisers.
  • Student Representatives: Every 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade class will have two elected class representatives who will attend our meetings, and they will then share any important information from our meetings with their classmates and teachers.