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Sociology Assignments

Join Google classroom. Use codes below.

    Period 3 = v7rlyj

    Per 8 = kfg0gc


M 12/5: Begin Chapter 5 and 7 Group Project 
T 12/6- Th 12/8: In A30 to work on project; bring your own book!
F 12/9: Current Events for 5 people then wrap up of project; Project ready MONDAY
                Links to outlines:
               Period 3
                Ch 5 Sec 3:
                Ch 7 Sec 2:
                Ch 7 Sec 3:

                 Period 8:
                Ch 5 Sec 1:
                Ch 5 Sec 2:
                Ch 5 Sec 3:
                Ch 7 Sec 1:
                Ch 7 Sec2:
                Ch 7 Sec 3:


M 12/12: Presentations begin
W 12/14: Read Prison article (attached below)
Th 12/15: View "Lockdown: Predators behind Bars" link :
                        Complete worksheet for video and article (attached below), due MONDAY
F 12/16: Current Events for 5 people on Friday (period 3 only); All classes:Complete worksheet for video and article, due MONDAY


M 12/19: Current Events on Wed (period 3) and Friday (per 3 and 8);Final Exam project; Surveys and data
T 12/20: Final Exam project; Surveys and data
W 12/21: Chapter 5 and 7 test; Bring charged devices
Th 12/22: Survey work with Chromebooks in A16; Plan "field trips" for presentations
F 12/23: Current Events on Friday (2 presenters); Survey work with Chromebooks in A16

 Take my survey if you are a driver:

Check out my results that I shared so far:


M 1/3: Happy New Year! Lottery to determine order of project presentations: Survey or subculture work with Chromebooks in A16
T 1/4: Presentations and demonstrations begin


T 1/8: Period 3 exam: 7:30 - 9:10; Survey presentations
F 1/20: Period 8 exam: 9:30 - 11:10: Survey presentations

9/23: In A16 for Google project; NO CURRENT EVENTS TODAY...Prepare for food (?) and Current Events on MONDAY
Break a Norm Project assigned (attached below). Due: October 11. 

T 10/ 4: Complete Gates vs. Lucas video (worksheet attached below);Complete summary and turn in; Study of Variations (attached below) with partner in class 

Gates video link:

Lucas Video Link:

Th 10/6: Finish Variation study (report/share); Begin Viewing "Taboo"  on Cultural Variations

F 10/7: Break a Norm project due on TUESDAY 10/11; Load media/video/slides/ to Google classroom; PRINT and turn in during class your typed reflection on TUESDAY 10/11; Description attached below.

Join Google classroom. Use codes below.

    Period 3 = v7rlyj

    Per 8 = kfg0gc

M 10/17: Breakfast Club Permission Form due by FRIDAY; Current Events on Friday; Chapter 3 Packet (given out on Friday, 10/14) must be turned in by FRIDAY, 10/21

M 10/24: Watching the Breakfast Club. See Google Classroom for directions on note taking

Th 10/27: Writing responses to Breakfast Club in class; Chapter 2 and 3 test on MONDAY on Juno. Copy link and Go to :

     to practice for test

F 10/28: Current Events periods 3 and 8; Pep Rally after period 8.

M Ch 2 and 3 Juno test; Group/teenager worksheet

T 11/1: Discuss Group/teenager worksheet; Introduction to Chapter 4: Nature vs Nurture Notes and worksheet; Discuss

W 11/2: Nature vs Nurture Notes and worksheet with debates; "Secrets of the Wild Child" video with worksheet ( )

Th 11/3: Finish video viewing

F 11/4: Respond to video questions; Ch 4 Crossword due Monday

M 11/7: Crossword due; Notes on Factors and Agents of Socialization

Th 11/10: Myers Briggs link: o

Complete the Personality MBTI packet for your personality. This will be collected when you write your letter to your child next week.
M 11/21: Starting our Final Project on subcultures. Sign up for  subculture before they are all taken! (See Culminating Project attachment below).
Projects due January 4, presentations start on January 4. All projects AND papers must be shared to If it is not shared, it is late. If it is not printed and turned in on January 4, it is late. No emails or jumpdrives will be accepted as submissions. No exceptions.
All papers must also be submitted to
M 11/28: Read Chapter 8 Section 3 only on Poverty. Complete # 1,2,3,4 and 6 on page 201.
                Also be sure to have answers to the following questions: How is the poverty level figured? Which race has the highest population in the poverty level? Which age? Of the 2 reasons for ill health, which do you feel is more significant a cause?
T 11/29: Questions on Poverty; Discuss Effects of Poverty from #6 on page 201; Begin viewing "Poor Kids" on                                 Frontline video (20 minutes);
                On separate paper, answer the following 2 questions while/after watching the video:
                1. What advice/lessons are shared by the KIDS in the video?
                2. Write a short plan to address severe poverty in our country. (1 paragraph minimum.)
W 11/30: Finish viewing video (30 minutes). Pass in video responses.

Th 12/1: Current Events today! Survival game: as a class.

F 12/2:; Record on chart. (Attached below) Hand in.

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