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Continue to work on your Final Project. Presentations start JANUARY 8.
M 1/12: Presentations will continue. If we have snow, we will do our best to fit the presentations into the days before exams. Otherwise, we may have to hold class during exam period 8.

Past weeks:
T 12/16: Deviance worksheet (both sides)
12/10: Prepare to present chapter 5 and 7
Week of 11/17: Prepare for Letter to Child; Typing in A30 on Thursday and Friday; Letter to Child Rubric attached below
Week of 11/24: Introduction to Final Project: Research in A30 from 11/24 through 11/26: Presentations will start the week of January 5 (if no snow days).
M 11/3: Chapter 4 packet due WEDNESDAY
M 10/20: "Breakfast Club" TYPED responses due MONDAY OCTOBER 27; also due on MONDAY information:      Period 8         Class ID:  8911995         Password:  history
T 10/14: Bureaucracy research continued; Making a poster and putting together a presentation with your group/partner.
W 10/15: Bureaucracy presentations start; Social Network posters DUE FRIDAY! "Socio Friday" = 
Th 10/16: Handout on taking notes on Groups; Finish by Monday
CH 1 AND 2 TEST postponed
M 9/29: Ch 3 Sec 3 Make own notes on Societal types; see attachment below
T 9/31: Societal types: Collaborative Creative Writing Journal; see attachment below
W and Th 10/1 and 10/2: In computer lab working on Collaborative Writing project
F 10/3: Ch 3 Packet in class; Presentations will wait until I return
T 9/2: Ch 1 packet due MONDAY; Socio quiz MONDAY; "Sociology Friday" = Rieya, Lee, Rachel
M 9/8: Ch 2 packet due Thursday: "Sociology Friday" = Cole, Nicole, Jake
M 9/22: Break a Norm due; Presentations today!


 M 12/9: Final Presentations start on MONDAY DECEMBER 16.

Worth 200 points averaged into second marking period grade, in place of the Midterm exam. In order to be considered complete and on time, all items below must be handed in at the beginning of class. 10 POINT PENALTY FOR ANY ITEM THAT IS LATE.

To hand in on MONDAY, DECEMBER 16:

CLIP or STAPLE the following papers in the order listed:

Ø Purple Presentation description sheet with rubric on the back

Ø Notes on your presentation:

          These should be sentence/paragraph structure

          TYPED ( 12 font, Times New Roman)

          Detail all aspects of your presentation:

                   #1 Background of subculture

                   #3 a-f on purple description sheet

                   #4 demographics

Ø Printed version of visual media

                   For example, if you did a power point, print out the slides (4-6 per page, no color             necessary). If you created a google presentation or a media that cannot be printed, share it with me at by class on MONDAY,12/16!

  Past Assignments:

M 11/18: Letter to Child due WEDNESDAY
T 11/19: Final Project assigned. Presentations start DECEMBER 16
M 10/28: Tuskegee study due TUESDAY
T 10/29: Chapter 4 Packet due FRIDAY
"Breakfast Club" responses to by MONDAY with movie notes (paper) turned in on MONDAYM 9/30: Test Tuesday on Chapter 1 and 2; See review crossword answers attached below
T 10/1: Ch 3 packet due MONDAY October 7
M 9/23: Break a Norm project due, presentations Monday and Tuesday
                Ch 1 and 2 TEST on MONDAY 9/30
 T 9/3: Chapter 1 packet due FRIDAY 
F 9/6: Sociologist Quiz on MONDAY
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Intemann Libbi,
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Intemann Libbi,
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