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9/23: In A16 for Google project; NO CURRENT EVENTS TODAY...Prepare for food (?) and Current Events on MONDAY

9/26: Break a Norm Project assigned (attached below). Due: October 11. 

Join Google classroom. Use codes below.

    Period 3 = v7rlyj

    Per 8 = kfg0gc


9/1 FIRST DAY! Welcome!  Introductions,  Online text, Codes given out in class

Link to online textbook: *

9/2 Log into Juno; Info given out in class; WWYD video clips with reflection (in class); see attachment at bottom of this page

9/5 - NO SCHOOL Labor Day

9/6 - Finish Chpater 1 packet. Collected tomorrow. Bring back your book!

9/12: Open Juno; Complete Juno #1, due Wed. 9/14

            Current Events for chosen students on FRIDAY

9/15: Chapter 1 TEST THURSDAY 9/22. Study your social sciences, sociologists, perspectives, factors that influence behavior (from WWYD videos, and Chapter 1 packet)

9/19: Tuskegee Study on Ethical research due TUESDAY 9/20. Worksheet attached below. Links are here:

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