Teacher Trivia

Who is this Teacher? 

1) She is extremely shy.

2) She doesn’t like stepping on worms.

3) Cooking relaxes her.

Answer:  Another Surprise......

Mrs. Goldin


Did you guess who was born between 1950-1965, taught at Hillcrest for 13 years, and is a registered girl scout?

ANSWER:  Ready for this.......
Mr. Whitmoyer

Mrs. Sepe

Mrs. Sepe has been teaching FACs at Hillcrest for 12 years.  Before coming to Hillcrest, she taught at Westhill High School in Stratford.  She has been teaching for a total of 29 years and still loves it.  Her favorite part about teaching is seeing that the kids are having fun, and she likes how the kids get to show off their talents.  Mrs. Sepe enjoys some down time with her lunch wave group. They often celebrate birthdays and special occasions together by bringing in treats from home to share.  Some of her favorites include stir fry, the movie Top Gun, and she says that there are too many good books to choose from, so she cannot decide which one is her favorite.  Mrs. Sepe is a fun,  helpful teacher who cares about her students.   

~Brianna Lackowski  

Mrs. Kitchener
Mrs. Kitchener first started teaching at Shelton Middle School for half a year and then came to Hillcrest. She has been at Hillcrest for 7 years and still counting. She teaches 7th grade Language Arts on the Gold Team. Her favorite part of teaching is interacting with the students. Mrs. Kitchener has made many great friends here at Hillcrest and enjoys eating lunch with Mrs. Alford and Mrs. Smith everyday. Some of Mrs. Kitchener’s favorite things include the New England Patriots, pizza, long walks, and watching the Mad Men series and Monty Python movies. While she certainly is a fan of all things Mark Twain, her favorite novel is The Great Gatsby. Mrs. Kitchener is a great teacher that Hillcrest hopes to have for many more years.

By Kristen LaBanca