Homework and Class Announcements

Important Dates for Grade 6 ILA:

11/16- Reader's Notebooks due...In class Thursday, we will organize the notebooks.

Important Dates for 8th Grade Reading:

11/13 and 11/14- Speeches assessment


For ILA- Make sure to follow the bookmarks given in class for your reading schedule.  Also, Reader Notebook assignments will be posted on the Classroom on the slides Journal Entries.

Monday, 11/12 (Day 2)

     ILA- Write two topic sentences off the topic chart.
     Reading Grade 8- Finish the questions for the Malala speech

Tuesday, 11/13 (Day 1) 

   ILA- No written homework due to Performance Coach.  Make sure to read your independent book for a half hour tonight.
   Grade 8 Reading- No homework due to the assessment started in class.

Wednesday, 11/14 (Day 2)

   ILA- Write your paragraph on your favorite things about Hillcrest using the boxes and bullets organizer done in class.
   Grade 8 Reading-No written homework due to the assessment that was started in class.

Thursday, 11/15 (Day 1)

     ILA- Choose one practice paragraph from your Writer's Notebook and bring it to publication.  Use the checklist from the packet and make sure
           to edit/revise.
    Grade 8 Reading- No written homework due to the assessment.

Friday, 11/2 (Day 1)

     ILA- No written homework.  Make sure you are pleasure reading.
    Grade 8 Reading- No written homework due to the assessment