Warren Homecoming

It’s where your heart is.
September 22-25, 2017

What Is It?

Many of the people who left Warren over the past 40 years remain closely connected to their home town. They have friends and family here, and for many of them Warren will always be home.

We are going to celebrate that enduring connection at Warren Homecoming this Fall, both the people who stayed and the people who left. Together we’re going to throw the biggest party in Warren’s history.

Homecoming is just what it sounds like, but it isn’t affiliated with any one school or class — it’s for everybody!

Who Is Organizing This?

A group of engaged citizens are partnering with numerous organizations and businesses throughout Trumbull County to provide a variety of events across the weekend.

What Can We Expect to Do in Warren that Weekend? 

Keep an eye out for a full schedule of events!

How Can We Participate?

The organizers are developing a marketing campaign to reach the many former Warrenites we hope will return Homecoming weekend. We encourage you to add your own event and we will market it too!

What Sort of Event Can We Create?

  • If you are a church, how about a picnic for returning former members?
  • If your graduating class is planning a reunion, why not this weekend?
  • Did you play for Harding or JFK? Get your buddies together and take in a game.
  • Hold a block party. Everyone likes to visit the old neighborhood now and then.
  • Add a Homecoming weekend special for your business — we will promote it to attendees.
  • Have entertainment in your restaurant or bar — we will promote it too.

How Will This Benefit Warren?

Our goal is to get 1000+ people to come to Warren for the weekend. Some of them will return more often and while they are here they will buy meals, concert and football tickets, maybe even some art and other local goods.

Some will stay in hotels, and will play some golf. They’ll think, “you know, there’s no place like home,” and they will mean it.

And some of them will invest here. This is a form of economic development we can do ourselves. We can take the initiative and get Warren growing again.

Warren Homecoming

It’s Where Your Heart Is too!