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Famous Black American Research Project Due 2-28-14

posted Feb 21, 2014, 11:50 AM by Kerri Box

From a list of famous black Americans, students chose a person to research. These projects are due Friday, February 28th. Students will be allowed some time through the week to work on locating information; however, the bulk of the work will need to take place at home as homework.

Students will be graded on their research paper, poster, and oral presentation.

Project poster must have: (50 points)

________ Name (5 pts)

________ Birthdate (5 pts)

_______ Hometown (5 pts)

_______ 5 or more important facts (25 pts)

_______ Neat and creative (10 pts)

Research paper must have:

_______ Minimum of two paragraphs (10 pts)

_______ Must include topic and concluding sentence (10 pts)

______ Must use capitalization and punctuation correctly (10 pts)

______ Must include name, birthday, where they’re from, and six or more facts on why they are considered important (including what they are famous for).  (10 pts)

______ Oral Presentation (10 pts)

Homework 10/30

posted Oct 30, 2012, 7:42 AM by Kerri Box

Students need to study their Election Vocabulary words and their Spelling Words each night this week.  There will be a Spelling and Vocabulary test on Friday 11/2.  

Today, students visited several websites to familiarize themselves with the election process.  They will be studying all about our government and election process.  On Tuesday of next week, 11/6, students will participate in a Mock Election here at CPE.  

In Spelling today, students took letter cards and practiced spelling these words.  Students are welcome to use this method to study at home.  A fun spin to this activity is to time the student each time he/she spells a word.  Make it a competition by having him/her try to beat his/her last time.  They will be studying and not even realize it.  

Spelling List 
1. after
2. animal
3. before
4. make
5. they
6. would
7. where
8. many
9. because
10. some

Vocabulary Words

1.     Campaign – the competition for public office; organized actions that a candidate takes in an attempt to win an election.


2.     Candidate – a person who seeks a public office (President and Vice President).


3.     Caucus – an early statewide meeting where members of a political party select delegates to support their favorite candidates. 


4.     Convention – a big meeting in which delegates from a political party pick the candidates for President and Vice President.


5.     Delegate – a person given power or authority to act for others; a representative.


6.     Front-runner – a candidate who is thought to be in the lead.


7.     Nominee – a person chosen by a political party to be a candidate.


8.     Political Party – an organized group of voters with similar ideas and goals for a country and its government.  The two main parties in the U.S. are the Republican Party and the Democratic Party.


9.     Polls – surveys of specific groups; places where people vote.


10. Primary – an early, statewide election in which voters choose their favorite candidates. 

Homework 10/23

posted Oct 23, 2012, 8:42 AM by Kerri Box

Today we visited the National Geographic website and played the game "Go West Across America with Lewis and Clark" and learned more about the hardships, trials, and problems they faced.  Students then wrote another journal entry about a different problem they faced and how they would have solved the problem.  Those that didn't complete this activity must complete it for homework.  Those that didn't have their journal entry from yesterday are required to complete two for homework.  A link to this website is provided under the useful links section.

Homework 10/22

posted Oct 22, 2012, 11:24 AM by Kerri Box

Today, we began our study on The Story of Sacajawea: Guide to Lewis and Clark by Della Rowland.  We didn't actually begin reading the book today; instead, we began by developing background information on Lewis and Clark and Sacajawea.  We visited the following website and worked through an interactive game called "Into the Unknown."  Here students learned about some of the hardships the Corps of Discovery encountered and were faced with making the decision as to what do to in these situations.  After playing the game, students were asked to write in their composition notebooks.  They were to write about one problem Lewis and Clark faced and how they (the student) solved the problem and why.  Students will need to complete this journal entry at home if it was not completed in class.  

I'm providing the website we used today in class and the notes we recorded below.  Please feel free to play the game at home with your student.  I'm very excited about this unit of study.  I'm seeing more interest in the books we're reading in class this year an ever before!  I'm hoping students find this unit of study as excited and adventurous as our study of The Lightning Thief!

Class Notes:
February 28th, 1803
--> Thomas Jefferson, President, made it possible with Congress's approval to fund the expedition group known as the Corps of Discovery.
Corps of Discovery
--> Led by Meriwether Lewis (Jefferson's secretary) and William Clark.
-- Assignment - Over the next four years, they would explore the uncharted West (Louisiana Purchase).
*Biography- a writing about someone's life written by another person
*Expedition- a journey or trip taken for a specific purpose: such as to explore
*Explore- to search through; to go into or travel over for purposes of discovery or adventure

Homework 10/11

posted Oct 11, 2012, 12:49 PM by Kerri Box

Students will need to study their world map handout.  They will have a quiz on the location of the 7 continents and 4 oceans.  This will be a grade for Social Studies.  

10/1 Homework

posted Oct 1, 2012, 9:23 AM by Kerri Box

Students will have a test on Chapters 7 - 11 of The Lightning Thief tomorrow Tuesday, October 2nd.  They will need to study their questions we've answered in class and the vocabulary words.  

Vocabulary Words 
principle -- a basic rule or assumption
alliance -- a partnership that provides benefits
endure -- to tolerate hardship
gamble -- a risk; an act in which the outcome is unsure
resigned -- give in to something unavoidable
rivalry -- a state of competition or opposition

9/26 Foreshadowing Writing Prompt

posted Sep 26, 2012, 12:28 PM by Kerri Box

We are currently working on a Foreshadowing Writing piece. The assignment details are listed on my previous post. Today, students were to complete the draft in class.  Those that didn't complete the draft in class must complete it at home.  Tomorrow we will revise and edit the piece to prepare it for the publishing stage of writing.  I'm providing an example of my introductory paragraph and first body paragraph as an example as to what I'm looking for.  My writing is very detailed....this is what I hope to see from my students by the end of the year.  I do expect them to explain each event and how that event foreshadows that Poseidon is Percy's dad.  I met with several students today to help them understand what I expect and will meet with anyone tomorrow that is having difficulty.  Hope this helps!

Writing Sample:

In the book The Lightning Thief, author, Rick Riordan, foreshadows that Poseidon is Percy’s father through several events.  These events occur in chapters 1-8 before we find out at the end of chapter 8 that Poseidon is in fact Percy’s father.

In chapter 1, Nancy Bobofit is a bully who is picking on Grover.  Percy is very angry with her.  He has to be careful, however, to not to get into trouble or he’ll get kicked out of Yancy Academy.  Nancy continues to bother others.  Percy gets so mad that he ends up pushing her in the fountain outside the museum.  However, some of the students said Percy didn’t push Nancy rather the water somehow grabbed Nancy and pulled her in the water.  This event foreshadows that Poseidon is Percy’s dad.  Poseidon is the god of the sea; therefore, he has power over water.  Percy was able to make the water grab Nancy because he has powers that are passed on from his father Poseidon.

Homework 9/25

posted Sep 25, 2012, 9:02 AM by Kerri Box

Tonight students will need to begin the draft of their Foreshadowing Piece for The Lightning Thief. Below I will post the prompt the students have been given in class. I do not expect the draft to be complete.  A paragraph or two will be sufficient, just enough for me to make sure everyone is on task and understands the prompt.  

Students will also need to complete the Patriotism - Wear Your Colors Proudly passage from class.  Most students were able to complete this in class.  Be sure to ask your child about the American Symbols we learned about today and what the colors, stripes, and stars mean on the American Flag.  

The Lightning Thief Foreshadowing Writing Prompt

Throughout the first eight chapters of the book The Lightning Thief, there are events that are foreshadowing about who Percy’s father is.  These are clues that are important to helping you determine who he is.  Locate at least 3 events that would lead you to this conclusion.  Don’t forget to let me know who his father is and how these clues help you figure this out!!!! Happy Hunting!! I can’t wait to read all of them.

Things to remember:

Ø Pre-write; gather your information.

Ø Skip lines on your draft.

Ø Begin with an introduction that states your topic.

Ø Explain what you are writing about and why.

Ø Make sure that with each event you clearly explain why it was foreshadowing.  

Ø Make sure that with each new paragraph you indent.

Ø Remember to check capitalization, punctuation, and grammar during the revising and editing stages.

Ø Publish in NEAT handwriting.


Homework 9/24

posted Sep 24, 2012, 9:02 AM by Kerri Box

This week we are celebrating Freedom Week at CPE.  Today, I read a passage called Our National Government to the students.  For homework, students are to answer the questions that go along with this passage and complete the word search tilted Words to Know About Our Constitution.  Please go over these with your student tonight.  Be sure to discuss this week with your student the freedoms, rights, and privileges we have as American Citizens.  Ask them what they are learning each day as we celebrate Freedom Week.  

Homework 9/17

posted Sep 17, 2012, 9:15 AM by Kerri Box

Students will need to complete their Action Verbs activity sheet at home.  Some may completed this assignment in class.  Students will also need to complete ONLY the B section of Language Activities on their Lightning Thief activity sheet.  We will complete this in class Tuesday, 9/18.

Students will have a test on chapters 3-6 of The Lightning Thief on WEDNESDAY.  

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