Pro-Poor Principles, Essential Practices, Indicators and Guidelines

 Welcome to the guidelines for the Truelift Indicators Tool.

The program is still in its pilot and is a work in progress.
Please check back frequently.

We appreciate all comments to help us improve the usability and clarity of the Indicators Tool.
Thank you.

The Truelift Indicators Tool (English and Spanish) is available for download, please follow the instructions to download the Excel tool hereIf you have already downloaded the Tool, you do not need to do this again.

The Truelift Indicators Tool is meant to introduce a practitioner, network, investor, funder, or similar pro-poor organization to the Pro-Poor Principles and the indicators on which an MFI would be assessed by a third-party. The focus of the Indicators Tool is evaluation and learning in order to promote positive and enduring change for people living in poverty.

Indicators Tool in brief: 
  • Three Pro-Poor Principles
  • 18 Essential Practices
    • +2 Additional Essential Practices for Truelift Leader Milestone
  • 99 Indicators
    • +7 Additional Indicators for Truelift Leader Milestone

To begin completion of your Indicators Tool, fill in all the orange cells on the Summary page.
Select the Type of Assessment:
  • Self-Assessment: The MFI completes the Tool on their own.
  • Accompanied Self-Assessment: The work is completed by both the MFI and an approved Truelift third-party verifier, who is present and assists with the self-assessment.
  • External Assessment: Results submitted for verification by an approved Truelift Assessor.
Select the Poverty Line from the drop-down list used by your institution. Continue to the Pro-Poor Principles tab and fill in the orange cells. Once all orange cells are filled in and the evidence and source of information provided in column G, visit the Summary tab to review your results. 

If you would like feedback regarding the results on the Summary page of your completed Indicators Tool, please contact info[@]

Please submit any questions related to this page here.