GM Spanish Teacher Wendy Schultz
 Bienvenidos.  Soy la profesora Wendy Schultz.
 A linguist and bilingual literacy specialist, I joined the GM faculty in 2013.   My 30 years as a language instructor is benefitting Spanish learners here.

In addition to a scholarly passion for linguistics, I have a real, authentic connection to Central American culture and the Spanish language.  From 2006-2013 my family lived full-time in Costa Rica, where I became more fluent and our children became true bilinguals.  I trained public school English teachers for the Ministry of Education; taught at the University of Costa Rica; and taught English & Spanish privately.
Profe Schultz and pupil, Yendri, beaming with pride as Yendri 
graduates from colegio (High School) in Costa Rica.

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