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Videos - Advancements

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Second Class
First Class

Requirement 1 Overnight camping gear

Requirement 2 Help pitch a tent

Requirement 2a Five activities

Requirement 2b Pitch a tent

Requirement 3 Troop/patrol activities
Cooking Requirement 3 Help cook a meal

Requirement 2c Knife, saw, and ax

Requirement 2d Prepare a fire

Requirement 2e Fires and stoves

Requirement 2f Light a fire and stove

Requirement 2g Cook a meal

Requirement 4a Patrol menu planning

Requirement 4b Obtaining ingredients

Requirement 4c Cooking gear

Requirement 4d Safe handling and disposal

Requirement 4e Patrol cooking


Requirement 4a Whip a rope

Requirement 4b Knots


Requirement 7a Use of lashings

Requirement 7b Timber hitch and clove hitch

Requirement 7c Camp gadget

Requirement 8a Bowline knot

Hiking Requirement 5 Safe hiking

Requirement 1a Compass

Requirement 1b Five-mile hike

Requirement 1 Find directions

Requirement 2 Orienteering course

America Requirement 6 American flag Requirement 3 Flag ceremony Requirement 5 Constitutional rights
Scout Spirit

Requirement 7 Scout Oath, Law, motto, and slogan

Requirement 8 Patrol name, flag, and yell

Requirement 13 Scout spirit

Requirement 4 Service project

Requirement 9 Scout spirit

Requirement 10 Scout spirit

Requirement 11 Invite a friend


Requirement 9 Buddy system

Requirement 11 Poisonous plants

Environment   Requirement 5 Ten animals Requirement 6 Native plants
First Aid

Requirement 12a Heimlich maneuver

Requirement 12b First aid

Requirement 6a Hurry cases

Requirement 6b First-aid kit

Requirement 6c First-aid techniques

Requirement 8b Bandages

Requirement 8c Transporting the injured

Requirement 8d Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

Fitness and Swimming

Requirement 10a Fitness

Requirement 10b Fitness improvements

Requirement 7a Safe swim

Requirement 7b Swim test

Requirement 7c Water rescue methods

Requirement 8 Drug abuse program

Requirement 9a Safety afloat

Requirement 9b BSA swimmer test

Requirement 9c Line rescue


Requirement 14 Scoutmaster conference

Requirement 15 Board of review

Requirement 10 Scoutmaster conference

Requirement 11 Board of review

Requirement 12 Scoutmaster conference

Requirement 13 Board of review

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