Shop at Schnucks and Support Troop 353

Boy Scout Troop 353 is a supported organization of the Schnucks Community Card fundraising program, eScrip.  
A percentage of your monthly purchases at Schnucks go directly into your Scout Account.  Friends & Family can signup too!

Step 1:  Obtain a Free Card 
  • Pick up a free card at the Customer Service counter at any Schnucks
  • Register your card and select Boy Scout Troop 353 as your supported organization
If you have family or friends that sign up, please notify the Troop Treasurer so their earnings get credited to your Scout account.

Step 2:  Register your Card
  • Visit
  • Click Sign Up (in the middle of the page) which opens the Registration page
  • Select Search by Group ID and enter 500042479
  • Click the link that says "Boy Scout Troop 353" and click Next
  • Enter your personal information and click Next
  • Register your card – select Schnucks eScrip card from the drop-down.
  • (Optional) register your debit/credit cards for additional earnings. 
  • On the registration confirmation screen, select the ‘create password link’ so that you are able to manage your online account
If you have an existing card, you can sign into your account and add Troop 353 to your list of supported groups (up to 3 total). 

Step 3:  Shop at Schnucks & Earn $$
  • When checking out at Schnucks, show your eScrip card to the cashier so Boy Scout Troop 353 gets credit for the purchases
  • On a monthly basis, Scout Accounts will Earn
1% on monthly purchases between $0-$300
Plus 2% on monthly purchases between $301-$600
Plus 3% on monthly purchases between $601-$999
Note: Purchases exceeding $999 receive no additional contributions

Here's how it works: If your monthly purchases totaled $650.00, your Scout Account Earnings would be $10.50
$0 - $300            $300 x 1% = $3.00
$301 - $600         $300 x 2% = $6.00
$601 - $650           $50 x 3% = $1.50

Proceeds will be credited directly into the Boy Scout Troop 353 bank account 60 days after the month ends