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Whitewater Rafting

posted Jul 21, 2011, 1:37 PM by Scout Secretary
Bring parent-signed completed form
Bring $35
ANYONE planning to participate in the WhiteWater Rafting trip on Tuesday at Camp MUST have this form completed (click for form).  Parents signatures are required.  If you are a parent of a scout planning to raft, and are not going to be with us in camp, this must be signed prior to leaving on Saturday morning.
We need to register for the rafting trip as a group on Sunday when we get there.  Cost is $35 payable then.  We have not collected money from anyone for this. If your scout is planning to raft, send money with them.  Anyone rafting must also pass the swim test AT CAMP.  Anyone not passing the test will not be allowed to raft.  Their rules, no mine. 
Appropriate clothing for rafting required.  Shoes that can get wet.  They provide life vests and helmets.

Participation in the Rafting Trip is completely OPTIONAL.  If your scout does not want to go or you do not want them to go, no problem, They will be in their regularly scheduled merit badge classes that day.  Which brings up another point.  This does take one day out of the schedule to complete merit badges.  please make sure prerequisites are completed and books have been read.  anything the scout can do prior to camp the better chance they have of finishing all the requirements.  Friday is generally a day to finish up any merit badges that do not get completed by Thursday.  I think anyone rafting may be busy on Friday to get everything done.

John Nauman