Welcome to the Troop 236 website.

Voyager Camp, Many Point 2018

This site is designed to keep you in touch with what is happening with Scouts.  We will do our best to keep the site as up to date as possible.  

We have been given guidance from the state health department and the BSA that outdoor meetings of 25 or fewer are safe.  Please look at the documents below for new in person meeting guidelines. 

Web Page Documents

We will now be having meetings of 10 or fewer indoors.  More than 10 and we'll split into 2 groups. 

Important things to know

Mr. Scott Lewis, the original scoutmaster (Mr. Czech's only predecessor) passed away recently.  Mr. Bonnell contacted me recently and asked that I post an announcement.  Troop 236 sends its condolences to Mr. Lewis' family.  

Youth Protection
Any adult who interacts with scouts in any way as part of any BSA program must complete Youth Protection Training.  You'll be prompted to create a account if you don't already have one.  More information on Youth Protection Training from Northern Star Council can be found here.  Youth protection training is valid for 2 years and must be renewed at the end of that time.  Once you complete your training, please record your name & date in the YPT record.  YPT outlines the strict and specific rules BSA has regarding the interaction between youth and adults and among youth along with reporting obligations each adult has.  This is very well done and very important training that every adult in troop 236 should take. 
More important things to know 
After remaining unchanged for a number of years, the Youth Protection Training has been updated.  It is now multiple modules and most be completed again before this summer.  If all the adult scout leaders and committee members aren't trained with the new YPT by 1 Oct 2018, we won't be able to re-charter as a scout troop.  BSA wants ALL adults who interact with scouts to take this training.  

Troop 236 in the news 

Troop 236 Accomplishments 
Our scouts are making notable accomplishments all the time.  When we have things that can be shared on the website they will appear here.  

Congratulations to Ryan George, our newest Eagle Scout!  
Other recent Eagle Scouts:  Lee Moffat, Jamie Murphy and Braden Larson
  • Four of our scouts recently created the announcement videos at St. Joe's 
  • Our leaders have accomplishments also
    • Our very own Mr. Czech was chosen as the Minnesota Knights of Columbus Knight of the Year!  He was chosen from a field of 40,000 Knights in Minnesota.  This is quite an honor for Mr. Czech.  You can watch this Youtube video for an interview with Mr. Czech and some of his fellow Knights regarding this prestigious award.  
If an event is organized by the District or there is another reason why an event can't be moved, the event was marked with a final date.  If an event is organized by the troop, the date is final, but we have the ability to move it in a pinch.  Those were identified as 'troop event'.  Troop events likely won't move, but it's happened in the past. 

Every second Tuesday of a month, we do Boards of Review for our scouts.  These meetings are the last step for a scout to attain a rank.  The adults needed for a Board of Review cannot be people that the scouts regularly interact with so the scout leaders are excluded.  The Boards of Review for the year are scheduled in the sheet at the link above.  Please sign up for a few so we can be covered for these important meetings.  

Registration – aka Recharter – link and cost information
  • Recharter/Registration now done by each family at the Council’s website
  • Cost is $180 per scout and $42 per registered adult
    • Why do we have to pay to volunteer? – the fee buys us some very solid insurance.  Something we’ve used more than once in the past.
  • The troop will cover the cost of the scoutmaster and assistant scout leaders and the adult committee elected to pay for themselves.  If you are a registered adult, volunteer regularly and would prefer the troop cover your cost, please contact me (Paul Lundh, 651 494 7145 or Chair@troop236mn.com) and we’ll work something out. 
  • The cost can be reimbursed from your scout’s scout account.  You’ll need to cover the cost initially, but then contact Mr. Ben Johnson and he will workout repayment with you.  He has a variety of ways this can be done. 
  • There will be no more Friends of Scouting campaign.  That source of revenue is being rolled into the dues which is why they went up as they have. 
  • The council has scholarship opportunities if you need assistance with the cost.  I’m told these are available via the link below.  Word on the street is that they are very generous with this benefit.  Please don’t let the cost be an obstacle. 
  • If you are an adult registering, you'll need to complete your Youth Protection Training first. 
  • Deadline:  5 Oct 2020
  • Recharter here: Northern Star Scouting - 2020-2021 Program Registration FeesLook for the Youth/Adult Join or Renew Northern Star Council link in the upper right.  I’ve not done it yet.  Please let me know if you find troubles.  

  Scout meetings

  • It’s getting darker earlier and starting to cool outside.  We’ll continue to meet as long as we can outdoors and adapt as we must into the cold months.  Troop 236 will abide by the executive orders issued by the state and federal authorities, and the rules of the BSA regarding scout gatherings.  Watch for further communication on this as we figure it out.  

9 - 10 October
Camp with Pack 432
  • Location
    • Fred C Andersen scout camp
    • 186 Andersen Scout Camp Rd, Houlton, WI 54082
  • When
    • Friday 9 Oct 2020 through Saturday 10 Oct 2020
    • Meet Friday at St. Joe's at 6:00 pm and caravan to the camp
  • Cost:  $5 per scout + food
  • Uniform:  Class A to and from camp, class B otherwise
  • Sign up here - Still some slots open
  • Notes:  For the future of our troop, it is important that we maintain a relationship with pack 432. To that end, it would be very helpful to have a good turn out at their camp out on Oct 9 & 10.
13 October
No meeting at the Church on Oct 13th 
Feed my Starving Children
  • Location:  Feed my Starving Children - 401 93rd Ave Coon Rapids
  • Date:  Tuesday Oct 13th in place of a scout meeting 
  • Time:  6:00-8:00 at the Feed My Starving Children location
  • Uniform:  Class A 
  • Transportation:  Each family will drive there individually
  • Notes:  This will be in place of a normal Tuesday Scout Meeting
  • Sign up - Deadline to sign up 10 Oct 2020
20 October
Webelos Den visit
  • A webelos pack will be coming to visit us for a normal Tuesday meeting
  • Parents - This is a great opportunity to meet new parents and help make a great impression for our troop 

23 October
Long Term Planning 
  • Location:  St. Joes Church
  • Date:  23 October 2020 - not an overnight 
  • Time:  7:00 - 10:00 pm 
  • Uniform:  Class A 
  • Transportation:  Each family will drive there individually
  • Notes:  This meeting is where the scouts plan the coming year.  Pizza will be served.  A parent with a mask and gloves will plate pizza for the scouts. 
31 October 
Centennial Recruiting Event
  • Location:  St. Joseph Church, 171 Elm, Lino 
  • Date:  31 October 2020
  • Time:  1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Notes:  Help recruit for Troop 236! 
  • Uniform:  Class A
  • Transportation:  Each family will drive there individually
  • Notes: 
Halloween party
  • Is canceled for Covid reasons.  For you new families that haven’t seen Mr. Czech’s impressive collection of animatronic figures, just wait to be amazed next year.  
November - Cooking

7 November 
  • Hike! 
    • Details pending
    • Notes:  Meet at a location TBD and go for a 5 mile hike.  
    • Sign up
14 - 15 November
  • Base Camp! 
    • Location:  Base Camp (6202 Bloomington Rd, St Paul, MN 55111)
    • Where to Meet: St. Joe's Church (north west parking lot behind the kitchen). 
    • Date:  14 - 15 November 
    • Time: 8:00 pm on the 14th to 8:00 am on the 15th 
      • Meet at St. Joes at 7:00 pm and drive down as a group
    • Cost:  $30 per person
    • Uniform:  Class A to and from the event, casual/class B while attending event.  
    • Notes:  We need at least 1 more adult and a larger group of kids.  The council will refund our cost of we cancel for Covid reasons. 
    • Sign up here.
December - Art/Games

Quarantine book ideas from Mr. Bonnell 
  1. The American Boy's Handy Book by D.C. Beard (published late 1800s) - Available on Amazon
  2. The Field and Forest Handy Book by D.C. Beard (published 1909)
  3. The Book of Camp-Lore and Woodcraft by Daniel C. Beard (published 1920) - Available on Amazon 
Daniel Beard is reputed to have known Robert Baden-Powell (the founder of scouting) and was likely an influential voice in the early days of scouts.  These will be an educational and historical look at scouts and some of the things kids could do without technology. 

Other items
  • Committee members: 
      • Chair:  Mr. Dan Hart
      • Co-chair:  Mr. Paul Lundh
      • Secretary:  Mrs. Jan Lehman 
      • Finance:  Mr. Ben Johnson 
      • Fundraising:  Mrs. Angela Mancl
      • Events & Activities: Mrs. Tiffany Ruff
      • Advancement:  Open
      • Training:  open 
      • Welcoming:  Mrs. Jan Lehman
      • Webmaster/Communication:  Mr. Paul Lundh
        • Paul Lundh's son Ethan will be aging out of scouts in May of 2022, about 15 months from the time of this writing.  We'll need to transition the website maintenance to one of the new parents if you plan to maintain this type of communication. 
  • Scout Leaders
    • Mr. John Czech - Scoutmaster
    • Assistants 
      • Mr. Joe George 
      • Mr. Chuck Bonnell 
      • Mr. Ryan George
      • Mr. Jamie Murphy
      • Mr. Braden Larson 
      • Mr. John Shepard