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Voyager Camp, Many Point 2018

This site is designed to keep you in touch with what is happening with Scouts.  We will do our best to keep the site as up to date as possible.  

Important things to know
Any adult who interacts with scouts in any way as part of any BSA program must complete Youth Protection Training.  You'll be prompted to create a account if you don't already have one.  More information on Youth Protection Training from Northern Star Council can be found here.  Youth protection training is valid for 2 years and must be renewed at the end of that time.  Once you complete your training, please record your name & date in the YPT record.  YPT outlines the strict and specific rules BSA has regarding the interaction between youth and adults and among youth along with reporting obligations each adult has.  This is very well done and very important training that every adult in troop 236 should take. 
More important things to know 
After remaining unchanged for a number of years, the Youth Protection Training has been updated.  It is now multiple modules and most be completed again before this summer.  If all the adult scout leaders and committee members aren't trained with the new YPT by 1 Oct 2018, we won't be able to re-charter as a scout troop.  BSA wants ALL adults who interact with scouts to take this training.  

Troop 236 in the news 

Congratulations to Ryan George, our newest Eagle Scout!  
Other recent Eagle Scouts:  Lee Moffat, Jamie Murphy and Braden Larson

If an event is organized by the District or there is another reason why an event can't be moved, the event was marked with a final date.  If an event is organized by the troop, the date is final, but we have the ability to move it in a pinch.  Those were identified as 'troop event'.  Troop events likely won't move, but it's happened in the past. 

Every second Tuesday of a month, we do Boards of Review for our scouts.  These meetings are the last step for a scout to attain a rank.  The adults needed for a Board of Review cannot be people that the scouts regularly interact with so the scout leaders are excluded.  The Boards of Review for the year are scheduled in the sheet at the link above.  Please sign up for a few so we can be covered for these important meetings.  

February - Snow Sports
  • February 29: Ramsey county scouting day
    • Where:  Ramsey County Public Works facility, 1425 Paul Kirkwold Drive, Arden Hills, Minnesota 55112
    • When: 9am - 12pm
    • Where to Meet: The troop won't be coordinating rides/carpool. Come to the event whenever it works for your family!
    • More Info: Click here for the Scouting Day website
March - Scouting Heritage
  • March 1st - Pancake breakfast! - Sign-Up for Volunteer Spots Here
    • Background:  Adult volunteers needed to help in the kitchen for the Pancake Breakfast.  You can choose to flip pancakes, grill French Toast, or bake the sausages …using restaurant quality equipment!  If that is not your style, help serve the food in the buffet line or wash the dishes.  There is something for everyone!
    • Location: St. Joe's Catholic Church
    • Time: Arrival depends on what you're volunteering for. Event goes until 12:30pm.
April - Technology

May - Financial Management

June - Caving

July - SCUBA Diving
  • July 12-18th: Many Point! Sign-Up Here
    • Location: Many Point Scout Camp - 41408 Many Point Camp Rd Ponsford, MN 56575 
    • Where to Meet: TBD
    • Time: TBD
    • Cost: $304/scout (before April 15th), $314/scout (after April 15th). Adults are $122 (all the time).

August - Spectator Sports
  • Court of Honor
September - Nature

October - Entrepreneurship

November - Cooking
  • Court of Honor
December - Art/Games

Other items
  • Committee members: 
      • Chair:  Mr. Dan Hart
      • Co-chair:  Mr. Paul Lundh
      • Secretary:  Mrs. Jan Lehman 
      • Finance:  Mr. Ben Johnson 
      • Fundraising:  Dr. Kathy Woo-Rippe
      • Events & Activities: Tiffany Ruff
      • Advancement:  Open
      • Training:  open 
      • Welcoming:  Mrs. Jan Lehman
      • Webmaster/Communication:  Mr. Paul Lundh
  • Scout Leaders
    • Mr. John Czech - Scoutmaster
    • Assistants 
      • Mr. Joe George 
      • Mr. Bob Nelson 
      • Mr. Tom Reineke 
      • Mr. Chuck Bonnell 
      • Mr. Brent Larson
      • Mr. Ryan George
      • Mr. Jamie Murphy
      • Mr. Braden Larson