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Voyager Camp, Many Point 2018

This site is designed to keep you in touch with what is happening with Scouts.  We will do our best to keep the site as up to date as possible. 

We received a note from the US Soldiers overseas who received our Christmas packages!  

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Ft. Snelling Cemetery Wreath Clean-up service project

6 Feb 2021 - Ft. Snelling 

  • Location:   Ft. Snelling National Cemetery
  • Date: Saturday 6 Feb 2021
  • Time:  9:00 am till Noon
  • Cost:  None
  • Uniform:  Class A
  • Transportation:
    • Meet at St. Joes 7:45 am on Saturday 6 Feb 2021
    • Caravan to Ft Snelling Cemetery departs at 8:15, arrives 9:00 am at destination
    • We'll leave the cemetery around noon.
  • Sign up is now closed
  • Sign up deadline: 29 Jan 2021 at Noon
  • Additional information can be found here.
  • Notes
    • Please dress for the weather. We'll be outside for an extended time and it is unlikely there will be indoor facilities for warm up.
    • PATCHES!! Patches will be given for attending.

16 Feb 2021 - Court of Honor 

  • Location: St. Joes in the Great Hall
  • Date: Tuesday 16 Feb 2021
  • Time:  7:00 pm
  • Cost:  None
  • Uniform:  Class A with sashes
  • Notes
    • No shared food or other items

21 Feb 2021 - Green Acres Downhill Tubing!

  • Location: Green Acres Tubing
    • 8989 55th St N, Lake Elmo, MN 55042
  • Date: Sunday 21 Feb 2021
  • Time:  3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
  • Cost:  $16.00 but the troop is covering 1/2 the cost so your cost is $8.00!!!
  • Uniform:  Dress for the weather
  • Sign up is closed
  • Sign up deadline: 5:00 pm Thursday, 18 Feb 2021
  • Notes
    • We'll be driving to the location individually.
    • The troop is covering 1/2 the cost.
    • There is a warming house and on site concessions according to their website.
    • The troop reserved 20 spots. Please sign up to ensure you reserve a slot.
    • Green Acres requires a liability release waiver. Please print, sign and bring it with you to the event.

Troop 236 would like to recognize Blaine Detective Ben Johnson for his participation in the Blaine Police contingent sent to the US Capitol to protect the presidential inauguration.  


If an event is organized by the District or there is another reason why an event can't be moved, the event was marked with a final date.  If an event is organized by the troop, the date is final, but we have the ability to move it in a pinch.  Those were identified as 'troop event'.  Troop events likely won't move, but it's happened in the past. 

Every second Tuesday of a month, we do Boards of Review for our scouts.  These meetings are the last step for a scout to attain a rank.  The adults needed for a Board of Review cannot be people that the scouts regularly interact with so the scout leaders are excluded.  The Boards of Review for the year are scheduled in the sheet at the link above.  Please sign up for a few so we can be covered for these important meetings.  

Troop 236 in the news 

Troop 236 Accomplishments 
Our scouts are making notable accomplishments all the time.  When we have things that can be shared on the website they will appear here.  

Congratulations to Ryan George, our newest Eagle Scout!  
Other recent Eagle Scouts:  Lee Moffat, Jamie Murphy and Braden Larson
  • Four of our scouts recently created the announcement videos at St. Joe's 
  • Our leaders have accomplishments also
    • Our very own Mr. Czech was chosen as the Minnesota Knights of Columbus Knight of the Year!  He was chosen from a field of 40,000 Knights in Minnesota.  This is quite an honor for Mr. Czech.  You can watch this Youtube video for an interview with Mr. Czech and some of his fellow Knights regarding this prestigious award.  

Other items
  • Committee members: 
      • Chair:  Mr. Dan Hart
      • Co-chair:  Mr. Paul Lundh
      • Secretary:  Mrs. Jan Lehman 
      • Finance:  Mr. Ben Johnson 
      • Fundraising:  Mrs. Angela Mancl
      • Events & Activities: Mrs. Tiffany Ruff
      • Advancement:  Open
      • Training:  open 
      • Welcoming:  Mrs. Jan Lehman
      • Webmaster/Communication:  Mr. Paul Lundh
        • Paul Lundh's son Ethan will be aging out of scouts in May of 2022, about 15 months from the time of this writing.  We'll need to transition the website maintenance to one of the new parents if you plan to maintain this type of communication. 
  • Scout Leaders
    • Mr. John Czech - Scoutmaster
    • Assistants 
      • Mr. Joe George 
      • Mr. Ryan George
      • Mr. John Shepard