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(Preserved here for the next Philmont trip!)

We'll drop useful information here for those involved with the 2016 Philmont trip.

Lots of useful info can be found in the Philmonsters2016 googlegroup - if you're a member, you can see all the posts so far like this one about checking in for our flights.

Med forms, including Part C, are required.

When you have yours completed, get a hard copy of it, along with a copy of your insurance card (FRONT AND BACK) to:

Eric Friedland, MD

1617 East Highland Drive

Seattle, WA 98112

Q. Is Philmont a “High-adventure” activity?  If yes, what is the Expedition/crew no? 
A. Yes, it is.  Our expedition number there is 720E.  You can use the same med form form for Parsons - just make a copy Parsons won't mind that info being on there.

Q.  Who's the "unit leader"?
A.  Brian Pratt is the unit leader, cell # is 206.321.5743 

Q: What's our council and what's our unit number?
A: We are in the Chief Seattle Council, unit number is T186.


Here is a quick list of "must have" items to make sure you have it all covered:
  • A headlamp that is 100% reliable.  We have a nighttime hike along a rocky ridge that requires good individual illumination.  So, have a good headlamp, and a set of fresh spare batteries.
  • Personal blister kit - REQUIRED for all 186ers.  
  • 1 bowl and 1 spoon - you don't need more than this.   
  • Pack cover - it's REQUIRED by Philmont
  • Trekking poles - borrow if you need to. 
  • Pack duffel for airport check in - one checked bag per traveler
  • Carry on bag that is large enough to hold all Salida and travel clothing.
  • Wallet 
  • Bottles or Hydration System - Tooth of Time Traders has a lot of water bottles, that scouts buy and brand.   A 3 L bladder (2 L is fine too) that fits in a backpack is the best way to go ... The 3 L is a great size, because you can fill it with 2 L of water, and the bladder can sit more flat in in pack.  Also, it's an easy way to haul 3 L of water to a dry camp.    

From the Philmont Website

What to Bring

Philmont Tips

Philmont Emergency Contact
Philmont says ...
Restrict telephone calls to extreme emergencies.  It can require hours, or a couple of days, to transport a participant from some camps to return an emergency phone call.  It will speed contact when the caller has the full name and expedition number of the person being contacted.
The 24 Hour Emergency Number at Philmont is:  (575) 376-2281
Our Expedition Number is:  720-E