Patrol Competition

Patrol Leaders can check the details of these scores on the Leadership and POR Resources page (must be signed in to access).

Program Description

The T186  Patrol of the Troop Year program is designed to build Patrol cohesion, and to reward what the Troop values most:

  • Scout Spirit

  • Scout Skills

  • Service

  • Leadership

The program is based on a system of points. Points will be awarded to individual scouts (“Scout Points”), or to the Patrol as a group (“Patrol Points”).  The monthly Patrol score is the sum of the Patrol Points and the sum of the Scout Points divided by the number of scouts in the patrol for the month in which the points were earned.  The formula can be expressed as:

   PatrolScore = PatrolPoints + (ScoutPoints/PatrolSize)

Program Duration

The Patrol of the Troop Year program runs from  the start of school year to the end-of-year Court of Honor.  We’re starting mid year in this inaugural run.

Who can participate?

All Scouts in Troop 186 will automatically be included in this program regardless of when they have joined the Troop.

How can points be accumulated?

Points will be awarded throughout the year as recognition for participation in scouting activities. These activities can include Troop Meetings, Green Bar Council Meetings, earning Merit Badges, Service Hours, Rank Advancement, and other activities. See below for details of the points system.

The SPL and Scoutmaster may also grant points throughout the year for ad hoc patrol competitions won, Good Turns observed, etc.  

For meetings designated as Patrol Of The Troop Year competitions, Patrol Points are awarded as:
1st Place: 15 Patrol Points
2nd Place: 10 Patrol Points
3rd Place: 5 Patrol Points

5 Bonus Patrol Points will be awarded each month to the patrol with the scout who has the most Scout Points for the month.  If scouts in different patrols tie for first, each scout’s patrol receives bonus points.

Leaderboard and Monthly Splits

A constantly updating status page is at the top of this page.  At the first Troop meeting of each month the Patrol with the most points per scout for the previous month will be recognized and given a modest award. The idea is that everybody gets a shot at a monthly win even if one patrol emerges as an early overall likely winner.


1) Besides the general satisfaction of participating in and being responsible for a quality scouting program, this program should also generate a sense of competition between the Patrols for bragging rights.

2) Each month the Patrol with the highest monthly point total will be recognized and awarded by the Scoutmaster.

3) The Patrol of the Troop Year will be recognized at the end-of-year Court of Honor with a tasteful trophy.

4) Additionally, there will be a special event for the winning Patrol of the Year.   It will be so mind-roastingly awesome that each non-winning scout’s grandchildren, yea unto five generations, will curse his name for bringing Great Shame upon the family by not winning the T186 Patrol of the Troop Year Competition..

Points System

SP = Scout Point  
PP = Patrol Point

Scout Spirit

Attendance at Troop Meetings

1 SP per meeting

Attendance at Outings (incl. 50 milers etc)

2 SPs per night (or day outing)

Attendance at Camp Parsons

10 SPs

Court of Honor

2 SPs per COH attended

Uniform (T186 Style! - shirt, neckerchief, woggle, shirt tucked in to decent pants or shorts)

1 SP per successful inspection per meeting

Service and Leadership

Patrol Leader @ GBC Meetings

3 PPs per GBC meeting attended

Patrol Leader weekly call to patrol

1 SP per scout contacted by PL,  per week

Attend troop and patrol service projects

5 SP per project attended

Completed PoR

5 SPs per PoR

Annual Youth Leadership Training Event

5 SPs per year

Fundraising Salesmanship

SPs for top 4 Fundraisers per Event:
40, 25, 15, 10

Scout Skills

Knots Bench: new name atop leaderboard (best time resets each month, top name does not, so somebody else gets first shot)

10 SP

Knots Bench: all knots, no timer needed

5 SP  - once per month

Knots Bench: all knots in less than ?? seconds

10SP - once per month

Knots Bench: Beat the Scoutmaster

10 SP - once per month

Rank Advancement


10 SPs

Scout to Tenderfoot

10 SPs

Tenderfoot to 2nd Class

10 SPs

2nd Class to 1st Class

10 SPs

1st Class to Star

10 SPs

Star to Life Scout

10 SPs

Life to Eagle Scout

10 SPs

Eagle Palm

10 SPs

Merit Badges

5 SPs per Merit Badge earned


Youth Protection Video

3 SPs per year

Safety Afloat Online

3 SPs per year

Safe Swim Defense Online

3 SPs per year

Hazardous Weather Online

3 SPs per year

Patrol Bonus

All Scouts in Patrol move up at least 1 rank (or get an Eagle Palm)  in a year

30 PPs

All Scouts attend same Troop Meeting

3 PPs

All Scouts attend same monthly outing

10 PPs per outing

All Scouts attend same service project

10 PPs

All Scouts complete at least 20 hours of service for year

30 PPs

Patrol Box returned complete and clean at end of PL’s PoR

50 PPs per PL stint

Scout Bonus (individual achievements)

100% attendance to Weekly Troop Meetings for a month

10 SPs per month

SPL and scoutmaster may also award points on a random basis for weekly patrol competitions won, etc.