Laurelhurst Elementary

Here are some rules for being good guests and stewards of our meeting place at Laurelhurst Elementary:

WE HAVE THE USE OF THE LUNCHROOM, AND NOTHING ELSE!  Stay out of the rest of the building.

RESTROOMS: There is a drinking fountain in the back of the cafeteria and there are restrooms located around the corner from there, just beyond.


CONTAINMENT: Keep the hallway doors closed, to keep people from coming into the rest of the building. It's OK to spread out in other areas occasionally with adults who are facilitating a board of review or something.


LEAVE NO TRACE: Restore the room(s) to the same condition as when you arrived. If you have a spill, or a messy activity, please clean it up. There should be brooms or a dust mop nearby, and possibly a mop/bucket.

DON'T MUCK ABOUT WITH GEAR THAT ISN'T OURS: Lots of other groups use the space too.  They don't mess with our gear, don't mess with theirs.  If it's not troop gear, leave it alone.


CONTACTING THE NIGHT CUSTODIAN: In case you have a problem or the doors are not unlocked and need to contact the custodian, it’s a great idea to put the custodian’s cell phone number in your phone contacts. Laurelhurst Custodian cell # is (206) 793-0879.


IF WE WILL BE MEETING OFF-SITE ON A SCHEDULED MONDAY: SPL or SM should send an email to smlundh (at) , so the custodian won’t unlock the building.