Flag Ceremony

Opening Flag Ceremony for Troop 186 Meetings and Courts of Honor

For the Leader: 

 1) Make sure the troop is ready. The patrols should be ready. The colorguard should be standing by, in uniform. Stand still, arm raised in the scout sign until you have their attention. Wait as long as is necessary. Set a good example. When you and they are ready.

 2) "Scouts, ... Attention!" After the troop and guests have risen and come to attention, wait again until everyone has settled down before giving the next command.

 3) "Colorguard, advance the colors!"

 4) "Column Left!" This is used to make a left turn. 

 5) "Colorguard, Halt!"

 6) "Colorguard, Center Front!" Wait again until everyone is quiet and the colorguard has stopped.

 7) "Colorguard, present the colors!" (flags tilted out toward the crowd - don't touch the floor!)

 8) "Please join me in the Pledge of Allegiance. Scouts in Uniform, Hand Salute!" Wait a moment or two, then begin in a clear, strong voice, "I pledge allegiance......

 9) (When finished) "Two!"

 10) "Colorguard, post the colors." (Troop flag and American flag are posted and the colorguard is again together.)

 11) "Colorguard, right face, honor the colors." (colorguard salutes the flag) "Two!"

 12) "Colorguard, about face, forward march." (Wait until the colorguard clears the center stage area.)

 13) "Colorguard Dismissed. Troop and Guests, at ease."