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School Dinners

Meals cost £2.00 per day for a two - course meal and a drink. Please refer to the menu below;

School Menu 2017 / 2018



   Monday 12.02.2018

Monday 12.03.2018


Monday 26.02.2018

Monday 19.03.2018


Monday 05.03.2018

Monday 26.03.2018

DO YOU WANT TO SAVE over £330 per year, per child?
If you think your child may be entitled to free school meals please view the free school meals forms at the bottom of the page which tell you how you can claim, call in to see Mrs. Roome or one of the secretaries or visit page on the Merthyr Website. 

Merthyr Tydfil Primary and Secondary school menus are planned to meet the Welsh nutritional guide lines for school lunches by our catering managers and working in partnership with food advisors from the National Health Promotion Service team. It is our aim to ensure that all pupils are provided with a healthy, well balance and nutritious meal.


We also cater for special dietary requirements either for medical therapeutic, ethnic or elective grounds. 


In Merthyr Tydfil school meals are only made from:

  • fruit and vegetables, sourced regionally where possible using local suppliers
  • products free from additives associated with health problems in young children
  • fats free from hydrogenated oils
  • menus which are nutritionally analysed to provide nutritional balance
  • ingredients, produced freshly every day in a school kitchen


Our Menus are run on a three week cycle with a strong focus on fresh fruit, vegetables and salads. Our commitment to healthy eating is reflected in the products we use, with most containing reduced saturated fat, sugar and salt. All our food products are oven baked or steamed, even the chips we serve are oven baked and during 2011 we removed chip fryers from each school kitchen.


Also wholemeal bread, yoghurt and water are available daily.


Our main aim is to provide a healthy well balanced meal for school children at:

  • Nursery, infant, junior or primary school
  • Secondary school
  • Special school

Benefits of having a school lunch

  • Meals are balanced and healthy and there is variety every day
  • We cater for vegetarians, special needs including medical diets and religious needs
  • Your child can join in with fun during promotions and competitions
  • Theme days are fun and nutritious and include such ones in the past as "Teddy Bears Picnic", "Oriental Day" and traditional days such as St. David's Day and Christmas Lunch
  • The menus are based on the Government's Nutritional Guidelines for School Meals as set out in Appetite For Life
  • Fully trained staff serving meals daily


What's happening in Merthyr Schools


Appetite For Life sets out the Welsh Assembly Government's agenda for improving the food and drink provided throughout the school day and the actions needed to make this happen. All Primary schools in Merthyr are now following the Appetite For Life Initiative as set by the Welsh Assembly Government and the programme is being rolled out to all the Comprehensive Schools.


We work closely with schools, dieticians, the healthy schools coordinator and the National Health Promotion Service to comply with government nutritional standards legislation and to provide and promote a good variety of nutritious foods to make healthy balanced meals.


We no longer offer processed food products which can be high in fat and salt and we have introduced much more fresh fruit and vegetables into the menus. We still provide a choice of meals because we like to cater for all likes and dislikes and to get the pupils to eat a wide range of healthy foods.



Why should I choose a school lunch for my child?


There are many benefits to your child having a school lunch. Schools are ideal places to encourage healthier eating and good choices in food for the pupils, which should assist in the prevention of childhood obesity and other health complications.

  • school meals are healthy, tasty and nutritionally balanced
  • our menus meet all the nutrient standards set out by the Welsh Assembly as part of the Appetite for Life
  • a school meal is much more convenient for you as it saves time, no packed lunch to prepare, washing up or emergency shopping trips for forgotten items
  • a school lunch is value for money
  • a school lunch teaches children good social skills when eating with others and how to use a knife and fork properly. this reinforces the lessons that they learn at home
  • teachers often say that children concentrate better in lessons if they have a healthy and fulfilling lunchtime hot meal

All catering staff are fully trained in food safety, nutrition and healthy eating.

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